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Cold as Ice, Hot Pockets, Tempered Fed Rhetoric, The Iger Sanction, Trading Zoom

For both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite, in aggregate, Monday was the slowest trading day since August.

If a Pivot Is in Order Maybe It Should Be by Investors, Not the Fed

Could the Fed be persuaded to change their view?

3 High-Dividend Bank Stocks With Yields Above 4%

The surge of inflation this year has put numerous companies under pressure -- but banks are a bright spot. Here are three offering attractive yields.

Don't Be a Downer, Bullard's Bluster, Nice Bounce, Williams-Sonoma Slips Up

Plus, Fed officials shouldn't pretend that they are applying science to their decision-making, because they can't.

The Fed Doesn't Want the Stock Market Higher Right Now

A bullish stock market and a high level of confidence are inflationary and make it harder for the Fed to accomplish its goals.

Trampled Ground, Intense Algorithmic Fight, Good News-Bad News, Cisco and Nvidia

The big kids have been far more active in rallies. Selloffs have more than likely been composed more of traders taking profits, while those big kids have sat on their hands.

Expect 2023 to Be the Year Consumers Traded Down

Consumers account for roughly 70% of economic activity and at this point they are tapped out.

Skating on Thin Ice, Missile Strike, Fed, Trading Volume, Charting the S&P 500

Make no mistake, the S&P 500 is currently strong from a technical perspective. That said, there is traffic ahead.

Bulls Have the Edge Short Term, but the Long-Term Economic Picture Stays Gloomy

There is still a good likelihood that inflation could spike again or that economic slowing will pick up, and the danger of a recession is not insignificant.

Inflation Concerns Are Cooling, But Growth Worries Are Building

The market is in good technical shape for more upside, however, there still are economic headwinds.