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I Certainty Wouldn't Invest in Target Right Now, But I Would Trade It

I really am stunned by the hits to the quality of the balance sheet that both Target and Walmart have suffered.

The Market Is Anticipating Positive Comments From Jerome Powell

However, the wrong remark from the Fed chairman could derail any upward action.

Inflation Is Killing the Consumer

It doesn't take much imagination to see how the average consumer is falling behind and losing substantial buying power.

Is It Time to Jump Back Into Ford? Here's How to Trade It

I do believe that the risk/reward proposition is starting to think about smiling favorably on Ford.

China's Economy Could Be Shrinking as Big-Ticket Purchases Stop

China's government is more concerned about stopping the spread of Covid-19 than spurring the economy back to life.

I'm Skeptical on Markets Until There's Progress on These 2 Fronts

Also, I'd like to see a more dovish stance from the Federal Reserve.

Glimmer of Hope, Little Guys Shine, GDP Watch, Powell Pounds Away, Musk Twitter

Plus, a look at the box that the U.S. economy is in.

I'm Looking for This Bounce Action to Continue Higher

Market participants are betting that the worst has already been discounted.

China Faces 'Tsunami' of Covid Infection That Could Swamp the System

A new study suggests 1.55 million people could die if China abandons zero-Covid, with the intensive-care system needing 15.6 times existing capacity.

Will CPI Provide an Excuse for an Oversold Bounce?

The unevenness of this corrective action combined with multiple contraction in growth stocks is making it harder for upside to develop.