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Here's My Catch Up Trade Idea for Costco

The firm easily outperformed expected comparable sales for the month of June.

How This Recession Could Play Out From Here

While every recession is different, here's what could be in store for jobs, interest rates, the Fed and stocks.

Upwork Should Be Able to Create Its Own Niche

All the current indicators from trend to momentum to price action sit in a bullish position as the stock breaks above resistance.

I Did a Double Take When I Saw Alcoa Atop the Top 10 Trending Stocks

Let's look at the chart and see how I'd trade AA.

Overbought Technical Conditions Start to Matter as We Head Into Earnings Season

This looks like a market that needs a rest rather than one that is going to suddenly fall apart.

Tuesday's Reversal, Fed's Quarles on the Financial System, Trading Walmart

Is it time to go now? Well, it's never a bad time to protect oneself when one sits upon large profits in any market.

This Market Currently Rewards Aggressiveness Over Discipline

We should be zealous in pursuing profits but can't forget our discipline.

Iconic Levi Strauss Needs More Base Building

The charts suggest that a sustained uptrend is not yet the outcome we are likely to see.

JG Boswell Marches to the Beat of its Own Drummer

The real gem, the 'white whale' - or white grizzly, given recent events - has always been the company's water rights.

Accenture Could Rally to Greater Heights

Traders could go long ACN at current levels.