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Kass: Questioning the Fed's Policy, Independence and Mandate

Are they trying to tap the brakes or is this an admission that they cannot tap the brakes and must do more of the same to make sure risk taking accelerates to ludicrous speed?

Yellen's Error, 'Inflation Scare', Cyclical Sectors, Gold, 4 Stocks I Bought

Bring back the gold standard? Whatever nation that did so would instantly have the most highly desired currency on the planet.

The Market Needs Broader Selling in Order to Return to Health

The DJIA is hovering at all-time highs while much of the rest of the market is wallowing in misery.

With Inflation on the Rise, Will Markets Get Spooked?

The only place to hide will be and has been commodities, as they are truly inflation protection assets.

Inflation Is Not Transitory

To get inflation fears, all we really need is a bunch of these subjects to hit the headlines.

Cashola, Debt Levels, Margin Squeeze, Earnings Expectations, Buffett, Amazon

I am going to tell you that there is no possible way that higher taxes are helpful from the market's perspective.

Kass: Undisciplined Monetary and Fiscal Stimulation Have Become Intoxicating

The question is not if but when things blow up.

Does Jerome Powell Really Believe Inflation Is Transitory?

It probably doesn't matter. He's dead wrong. As always, the numbers don't lie.

Economics for Dummies, Fed Recap, Fun With Jobs Math, Amazon, Buying ServiceNow

The differences in approach between the two most basic strategies for how to grow an economy are as stark as the division they cause among economists.

Checking In on the Late 1960s to See What Inflation Could Look Like Soon

There are similarities between conditions more than 50 years ago and the present state of affairs that should give investors cause for concern.