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Bond Dog Returns, Market's Boxing Lesson, Possible Fed Next Moves

The equity markets got bopped in the nose Thursday and were sent reeling.

The OPEC March Meeting Is Turning Out to Be Very Interesting

Those blindly chasing the reflation trade tick for tick, better pay heed to physical market fundamentals.

There's Just Too Much Money Sloshing Around

This money spigot is very unlikely to be shut off any time soon.

The Suppressed Economy, Impressive Earnings, U.S. Treasury Curve, Pandemic Watch

I want you to think about how quickly the long end of the U.S. Treasury curve is moving.

Yellen Drops $1.1 Trillion Treasury Cash Pile in a Big Jolt for Money Markets

With new liquidity about to pour in, it remains to be seen how will it affect equities, risk assets, and more importantly, money markets.

Muted Hearing, a Volume on Trading Volume, Yellen Speaks, Sizing Up Palantir

Plus, a hat tip to Nvidia and CEO Jensen Huang for the company's new cryptocurrency mining processors.

A Much-Needed Small Cap Correction Has Not Done Any Major Technical Damage

Small-caps have underperformed the last few days but that's to be expected after the run they've had.

Nikkei's New Highs Echo 1980s Excess

Will the buying soon end for the Nikkei, where quant purchases are making reluctant buyers out of international equity investors?

How Macro Flows Can Distort the Physical Oil Market Dynamics - But for How Long?

The macro tailwind only works for the oil market until physical market dynamics take over. When they do, unwinds can be sharp and painful.

A Vote for Confidence, a Call to Work, a Little Light Reading, a Glance at Oil

Plus, we wait with great interest to learn what Berkshire Hathaway's holdings were as of the end of 2020.