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Watch Dollar Valuations as the ECB's Mario Draghi Talks QE: Market Recon

As Draghi pulls the rug out from under continued expansion of money supply, he will have to sound very dovish in doing so.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the Market Rallied

What else can you say about a decision by the Chinese that amounts to a potential repudiation of the Made in China 2025 plan?

Inflation, the Fed and How to Position Your Portfolio Around the Latest Numbers

The evidence that inflation Is slowing Is mostly circumstantial.

China's Gear Shift on Auto Tariffs Moves Industry in an Unusual Direction

It is Chinese car manufacturers, not U.S. ones, that are suffering the most with Chinese sales.

Jim Cramer: The Operative Term for This Tape Is Treacherous

Use it to your advantage or don't use it at all.

It Is Price Action That Is Driving This Market

You can practically feel the disgust among market players that keep looking for this market to find some support.

How Reduced China Import Tariffs Would Impact U.S.-Made Autos

The biggest winners from lowered tariffs would be workers at U.S plants that export to China

McDonald's Limited Risk Is Appealing to Conservative Investors

MCD has had two positives going for it.

They Don't Make Stock Market Corrections Like They Used To: Market Recon

Like Chess, we are at the point of the game where each side starts losing pieces that actually matter.

Costco Is Set to Make a Play for the Upside, Stay Long and Buy Strength

The market could use some leadership from a stock like COST.