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Doug Kass: The Era of Irresponsible Bullishness May Soon Be Over

It's now clear that the first part of January has exhibited a marked change and reversal in pattern.

The Fed Is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Fed is always backward looking, and that's why the market is unsure of where to go for now.

Inflation's Kick, Market Reacts, Treasuries, Apple on Deck?, Trading Wells Fargo

I do think that the Fed is on the case. I do not think that the Fed is as late as so many seem to.

The Powell Fed, China's 'Zero-Covid' Policy, Energy Stocks, Trading APA and AMD

Powell: Basically, rate hikes are coming in groups, and later on, but still this year, the Fed will start removing this excess liquidity from the monetary base.

Global Costs of Zero-Covid in China Mount

Omicron cases are cropping up in a number of cities, yet there's no sign Chinese restrictions will ease anytime soon.

Headwinds Build for Homebuilders After Their Strong Run

Rising mortgage rates, increased material costs, labor shortages and supply chain issues are threatening to crimp building activity.

The Market Struggles to Discount Higher Interest Rates

Some of the market has been in a correction since February, but the indexes and many big-caps have only been correcting for a week.

How Do CEOs View the Economy? Check Insider Trading Activity

Insiders are selling because they understand that valuations don't reflect the fundamentals.

Jobs Report, Fed Psychology, Bullard's Grenade, Notes of Note, Fresh Fresca

Plus, a look at rising mortgage rates and why SoFi Technologies is a stock for which I continue to hold out hope.

Jerome Powell Speaks and the Markets Are Very Worried

Here's what happens when market sentiment shifts.