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Central Banks Are in the Holiday Giving Spirit

With Trump touting a trade deal and more liquidity being pumped in by global central banks, this is a good time for equities, commodities and risk assets.

Tariff News Should Hit Today but Don't Count on Clarity

The market response will not be as simple as 'up on good news and down on bad news.'

Jim Cramer: It's Time for China and the Job Exporters to Pay

The cost will ultimately be small for us and big for them -- and now is the time to do it.

All the Fed Cares About Is Jumpstarting Inflation

Inflation will be a big theme for 2020 and commodities will benefit the most -- especially copper and iron-ore.

Sunday's Tariffs Deadline Looms Over China, But Markets Remain Sanguine

The United States will automatically raise trade duties on close to US$160 billion in Chinese goods on Sunday, unless it issues a formal reprieve. Could we be in for a nasty surprise?

Institutional Selling, FOMC Meeting, Adobe and MongoDB: Market Recon

Judging corporate performance into the fourth quarter, sectors to watch and charting these 2 stocks.

Jim Cramer: Markets, What Happened This Year, and the 1-2 Punch That Concerns Me

Let me take a stab at what's going on here.

The American Consumer Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

Consumer and investor sentiment seem rock solid at the moment.

Market Awareness, Jobs Day, Trading Microsoft and Advanced Micro Devices

I have to wonder if the advent of increased exposure to technology has something to do with the incredibly broad lack of situational awareness.

Don't Kid Yourself About Fundamentals, It's All About Liquidity

Traders and investors need to stop reacting to Trade War headlines and company outlooks as they are representative of the past and entirely useless.