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Earnings Preview

Banking Deregulation, Trading Splunk: Market Recon

Compliance with the Volcker Rule has long been considered both complicated and expensive by the firms impacted.

4 Retail Stocks to Watch This Week

It will be interesting to see whether Macy's weak performance was shared by these names.

Why Wall Street Likes Lowe's More This Week Than Home Depot

Analysts are advising clients that LOW's stock is still too low ahead of earnings unlike HD.

Home Depot Is Showing Some Weakness in the Charts and Indicators

Let's see how the charts and indicators are shaping up ahead of earnings.

Home Depot Heads Back Towards Highs Ahead of Earnings

HD is promoting optimism among more defensively minded retail investors.

Tilray's Not Necessarily the Cream of the Crop

A host of other cannabis-related stocks has sprouted up that appear better for investing.

Uber Gets an Early Lyft

LYFT's earnings beat appears to be giving hope to Uber investors in advance of its own report later Thursday, but the two rivals have key strengths to watch, such as Lyft's U.S. focus and Uber's move on food delivery.

6 Stocks to Watch This Week

It's judgment week for Planet Fitness as it's bulking up -- on debt -- and for Disney as it's lining up against Netflix. Find out which other stocks to watch from now to Friday.

Jim Cramer: Let's Take Stock of the Winners

A quarter-point rate cut? In many ways the Fed is just an afterthought when you drill down to the guts of why some stocks -- like Apple -- are winning.

Staking Out Trades in 2 Steakhouse Chains Headed in Opposite Directions

Texas Roadhouse looks like a buy based on its charts while Bloomin' Brands may provide a short opportunity.