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Amazon Is Headed Higher - But Likely Without My Participation

Let's check out the company that millions are using as they spend the foreseeable future at home.

I'm Glad That I'm Long Amazon

There's a pretty good chance that at some point, I will wish that I was longer.

Square Could Use a Period of Accumulation Before New Purchases

Let's review the charts and indicators of SQ.

Shopify Is In an Area Where We Would Expect Buyers to Return

Traders should give SHOP a few days before probing the long side.

Chewy Attracts More Bullish Analysts

Let's review the charts of this online retailer of pet supplies.

Thank the Fed, Cessation of Economic Activity, Rescuing Airlines, 3 Key Stocks

When the central bank is on top of their game as they have been of late, credit must go where credit is due.

DocuSign Could Decline Further Despite Promising Business Conditions

Let's check out the charts of DOCU.

Shares of Amazon Could Fall Further Until the Markets Bottom

We have more certainty of when a package will arrive.

Retailer Stitch Fix May Need Some Fixing of Its Charts

A period of accumulation (buying) is needed before I would warm up to the long side of SFIX.

I Fully Intend to Add to My Long Costco Position Friday

To label COST my favorite retailer is to put it mildly.