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Why I Can Buy Walmart Here, but Not Shopify

When New York was driven to its knees, Walmart stepped up. Big time. Eternal respect.

The Rally in Home Depot Shares Is Taking a Brief Break

A pullback or correction on HD looks like it will be relatively brief and shallow.

Hong Kong's TANJ Foursome of Stocks to Rival U.S.'s FANGs

Hong Kong will have its own tech quartet as of next Thursday; Asian shares don't have the same euphoria as U.S. stocks (yet), and that's a good thing.

Amazon's Primed to Deliver Higher Highs

The charts show Amazon could scale up even more in the months ahead.

Is There Still Some Money to Be Made in Lululemon?

LULU reports earnings Thursday. Here's how I'd trade it.

Can Chewy Keep on Purring?

Let's check out the charts to see if the rally from the March low can continue.

Stitch Fix Could Weaken Further Before Trying to Rally Again

The technical signals for the stock of the online apparel service are not strong and indicate it may not be the time to go long.

Searching for a Tech Stock That Should Break Out? Try GOOGL

As the Nasdaq powers higher, let's check the charts of Alphabet.

Macy's Is Speculative Here, and After Such a Nice Run

What might change my mind? The ability to reestablish the dividend. That would get me fired up.

Do We Trade the Price Action or the 'News' on Baidu?

Right now the charts of BIDU look bullish.