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Ant and AliPay Targeted in Broadening Alibaba Crackdown

Chinese regulators, rumored to be directed by President Xi Jinping, are ratcheting up pressure on the empire of China's richest man.

Shopify Investors Have Been on a Buying Spree

The stock is soaring higher and higher and higher.

An Updated Technical Strategy on Apple Stock

Downside reversals in AAPL have come with little warning in the past.

Here's What Up With UPS and How I'm Sizing Up the Stock

The stock hasn't done much of late, but perhaps FedEx's earnings report Thursday will offer clues of what's going on in delivery.

Shopify and Pinterest Form Triangles of the Ascending Kind

The technical signs for the e-commerce platform and visual discovery platform appear favorable.

An Updated Technical Strategy for Soaring Stitch Fix

The shares continued to climb northward after their gap early last week.

4 Potential Buy Setups in My Chart Crosshairs

DocuSign, Lululemon Athletica, Splunk and Walmart are the diverse quartet of stocks that we're tracking.

Costco's Executing at a High Level, and Here's How I'm Playing the Stock

When it comes to COST, traders can always - since the pandemic began - let the 50 day SMA be their guide.

Where Should Investors Buy Facebook, Tesla and Netflix?

One of the three stocks looks OK to ease into now, but the technical signals indicate it would be best to wait on the other two.

Chewy's Stock Is Fully Valued, Here's How I'd Trade It

While there may be some changing trends in pet related retail, this firm certainly benefited from the pandemic.