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Shopify Soars to New Highs and Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Here's how to play the high-flying stock after its earnings beat.

Threats to the Marketplace, Dollar Demand, Upcoming Alibaba Earnings

China-based Alibaba reports quarterly performance Thursday morning. While one might think that an e-commerce type operation could do well in a quarantined environment, it's not quite that easy.

I'm Going to Buy Amazon but Not Today, Just Too Volatile

Perhaps even more impressive than their revenue beat might the 10% growth in net income.

What Changed on Amazon's Charts as It Soared Overnight Passing Our Price Target?

Hold existing longs and raise stops to at least your entry point.

Shopify Could Move Still Higher After a Shallow Dip

Let's review the charts and indicators of SHOP.

With Stitch Fix, I'd Err on the Side of Caution

If I wanted to make a trade here, it would be playing the downside with a bearish put spread.

Grubhub Could Rally Further but Forget About Seeing the Old Highs

Shares of the food delivery company have rebounded in the last month but will need to contend with overhead chart resistance moving forward.

Visa's Strength Could Propel Prices to the $300 Area in the Months Ahead

Let's review the charts to plot this leg higher.

Market Direction and Trading Volume, Resilient Boeing, Trading Costco

Boeing's new estimate for the FAA's signing off on returning the 737 MAX to commercial skies has been pushed out until summer, June or July? Is that really that bad? Perhaps... this is a positive.

Stitch Fix Shares Are Likely to Put Together a Move Higher

The charts and indicators of the online personalized apparel retailer look constructive enough to approach the stock from the long side.