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I See Mastercard Paying Off ... but Not Sure When

I don't mean to shuffle on this one, but the next near-term move in MA has me stumped.

PayPal Could Reach Higher Highs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

A Pullback in DocuSign Could Be a Longer-Term Buying Opportunity

Here's why the rally in DOCU is sustainable.

FedEx Has Started a Correction so Don't Fight the Tape

Look for FDX to be on the defensive until the middle of February.

Looking to Exploit a Few Pandemic Trends That Will Continue in 2021

The virtual work force, online shopping and a love of pets are not going to go away even after the coronavirus abates.

Is It Time to Buy a Dinged Alibaba?

It doesn't look like a good idea at present based on the Chinese e-commerce giant's technical signals.

FedEx's Charts Look Toppy Since Their Last Earnings Release

Stand aside as we could correct down into the $225-$210 area in the weeks ahead.

Etsy Could Unravel a Bit More

Let's check the patterns of this stock's charts, as it slips on Monday.

Alibaba May Need Magic Tricks to Aid in Bottoming

The risk is that all the gains since March could be wiped out.

With Alibaba on the Ropes, I'll Take a Pass

My feeling is that if one is into speculation, one can trade names like BABA.