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Coinbase Global's Charts Need More Development

Wait for more signs of accumulation (buying) before probing the long side.

Is BABA at a Bottom?

The decline in Alibaba Group appears to be over, and the long-term uptrend should get going again.

Thursday's Close Shave, Troubling New Highs and Lows, Peloton Kicks Into Gear

The market came within whiskers of a technical breakdown on Thursday, yet few people seem to know or care.

XPO Logistics Rally May Not Keep on Truckin' in the Short Run

The charts of the trucking and logistics company are flashing a few cautionary signals.

Amazon Has a Blowout Quarter and I'm Sticking With My Plan

I have rarely if ever seen a large company crush earnings expectations so decisively.

Agility Rules, Spoiled Whiners, Smell the May Flowers, Ford in My Future

Plus, ServiceNow is a stock worth stalking and Amazon is a stock worth celebrating.

Great Amazon Earnings Are Not Enough to Boost the Market

One of the major warnings of a toppy market is selling off on good news.

Chinese Regulators Summon Big Tech Who's Who for Showdown Talks

Thirteen Chinese tech firms have been told to change their ways by stopping anticompetitive practices and getting licenses for consumer credit.

I'm Looking Closely at Jumia Technologies

The price action is encouraging me to take a little more risk on beaten down names, and JMIA fits that bill.

Tesla Reports Monday - Here's My Risk Management Trade Idea

There is some negative news out there that is difficult to quantify.