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Wham Bam Thursday, Fed Hammer, Currency Warriors, Tradeable Bottom Near?

Plus, Meta Platforms plans to cut back on staffing levels, and PepsiCo reportedly may do the same.

Alibaba and This China ETF Risk a Move to New Lows

Here's the 'situation' for FXI and one of its largest constituents.

CarMax Blows a Tire on Weak Earnings and It's Headed Downhill

Let's check on the charts and indicators.

I'm Primed for a Second Amazon Prime Event, but Will the Stock Respond?

There's a reason I'm just dipping my toe into the online giant for now.

Trade Costco If You Must, But It's Not for Me

As for upside catalysts, COST potentially has two. Neither appears to be imminent.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin', More Data Ugliness, Inversion Update, FedEx Red Flags

As for Thursday's trading, the longer it lasted, the worse it became.

It Would Pay to Be Patient Before Jumping Into PayPal

The stock of the online payments company does not appear to be out of the woods yet based on its charts.

Amazon Stock Has Arrived at an Intriguing Juncture

Let's try to make sense of where the shares could be headed next.

I've Got a Bone to Pick With Chewy

The shares of the pet products retailer have been a big disappointment the last couple weeks after exceeding earlier expectations.

Chewy Has Rolled Over

Let's look at the charts and indicators.