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IPO Investors Should Take Note of Pinterest's Dual Class Share Structure

Pinterest isn't exactly bringing the power to the people.

A Primer for the Pinterest Public Offering on Thursday

The company is a total ROI story, but can it share positive returns with IPO investors?

Kass: Here's 2 Stocks That Can Coexist in a Long-Term Investment Portfolio

Amazon and Wells Fargo are two distinctly different securities that hold the promise for attractive returns over the next 5 years.

Jim Cramer: When the Death Star Strikes

It has become almost too onerous to own something that could be in Amazon's crosshairs.

Jim Cramer: I Demand You Read Jeff Bezos' Shareholder Letter!

Bezos and Amazon are the greatest bargains for the customer on earth.

I Don't Understand the Excitement About Levi Strauss

When you break down the net income number it really isn't that impressive.

Levi Strauss Leaps as Growth Story Gains Traction

The apparel maker is convincing investors that its growth thesis might be a comfortable fit.

IMF Head Shaker, March CPI, Trading Bed Bath & Beyond: Market Recon

Probably more important to focus on than the FOMC Minutes on Wednesday, will be the impact of energy prices on headline March CPI.

It's Time to Protect Profits on Long Positions Once Again

A key chart pattern indicates we soon could see at least a bit of a pullback after the latest rally; we also offer a quick update on Alphabet.

Novice Trade: Walmart

I think WMT is probably going to break back over $100 between now and the end of the month.