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Here's the Direction I'd Take With JD.com

JD.com separates itself from other e-commerce competitors by controlling its inventory and logistics.

Three Stocks to Watch for Breakouts

Here are three Friday charts worth watching as they near breakouts.

Market Meltdown Averted? Trade Talks, Time for Bed Bath & Beyond?: Market Recon

I think both the U.S. and China 'get' the importance of at least setting up further talks, while coming away with something immediately understood by the public as positive.

Jim Cramer: Costco Is Like No Other Company I Have Ever Seen

It is not going to run the company to please Wall Street. It is going to run the company to please consumers and if the consumer is happy, Costco is happy.

Square Needs to Build a Better Base Pattern to Move Me to Buy

Let's check the charts and indicators of SQ.

Shopify Needs to Stay Above $299 to Remain Attractive on the Charts

Can we see a good risk/reward trade set up?

I'm Willing to Take a Small Roll of the Dice With Chewy

The chart on Chewy is one ugly mutt, there's no denying it, but the price action turned this week.

Alphabet's Decline Has Done Some Damage to Its Charts - Get Defensive

Let's check out the recent price action.

Stamps.com Might Inch Higher but Overall the Charts Are Not Inspiring

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Can Nike Earnings Turn the Tide? Wrong Question

We may be better off examining the concept of a post-earnings trade.