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Jim Cramer: My Eureka Moment and Shopify

SHOP is an $18 billion company that has become THE way that anyone who wants to sell anything can own themselves and do so.

Shopify Could Move Higher but Charts Aren't Convincing, So Be Cautious

The charts for the provider of cloud-based e-commerce platforms do not show a pattern of stock accumulation.

Etsy Is Poised for an Upside Breakout From a Bullish Triangle Formation

In the daily bar chart of Etsy we can see that prices have been in an uptrend the past 12 months.

Has Hasbro Handled All the Bad News?

Hasbro stock could offer an attractive reward to investors not afraid of risk.

IAC/InterActiveCorp Could Reach Higher Highs in the Weeks Ahead

Let's see what the charts and indicators look like this morning.

A Tale of Two Toy Makers

Hasbro and Mattel management outlined one key factor in their dichotomous results.

Alibaba Could Rally Back to $200, Look to Buy a Shallow Dip

Alibaba could make a shallow dip in the near-term and that is likely to be a buying opportunity.

1-800-Flowers.Com Could Wilt in the Coming Days and Weeks

Let's put aside the oasis and check the charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: If You Don't Buy Google, You Are Dying on the Vine

This quarter will be known as the quarter where you had to pay the piper to get sales and the piper happens most often to be Alphabet's Google.

GrubHub Could Rally to Par, Will Only Bond Traders Be Impressed?

GRUB is due to report its latest earnings numbers Thursday.