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Dumbest Thing on Wall Street

Video: Facebook's Stock Just Wiped Away Its 2018 Gains

Facebook shares hit a record high on Wednesday hours before it reported weaker-than-expected earnings.

To Think a Trade War's Still Just a Threat Is the Dumbest Thing on Wall Street

We're not starting a trade war. We've been in one for decades.

Elon Musk's Twitter Tirade Is the Dumbest Thing on Wall Street

Musk is at it again. This time, journalists are in the crosshairs.

It's Dumb to Think There Aren't Already Monopolies in Big Tech

There are already plenty of monopolies in big tech. Google isn't alone.

It Would Just Be Dumb for These Companies NOT to Snag a Deal

Here's a hot take: Just let Sears buy Amazon. Or Apple buy Tesla. Or even Microsoft and Netflix.

Here's Why It's Dumb Not to Consider Short Selling in This Market

'A lot of shorts have started to work. A little sanity is returning,' one source says.

It's Dumb Not to Have Alternative Plays Like Crypto, Cannabis in Your Portfolio

Traditional, blue-chip stocks and FANG just aren't cutting it right now. Smart investors will consider alternative strategies to diversify out of the same-old, same-old.

It's Dumb to Think Legalizing Weed Is Still a Political Issue

What was once a red and blue issue has now attracted a growing set of proponents from both sides of the aisle.

Investing in Penny Stocks Has to Be the Dumbest Thing on Wall Street

A little risk is healthy, but with some penny stocks it's just plain dumb.