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Drug Approvals

I'm Placing Selective Bets in a Market That Isn't Deserving of Trust

There are reasons to proceed with extreme caution in the current market, including the possibility that the U.S. won't have a divided government.

Let's Take a Look at Pfizer Partner BioNTech's Charts

Aggressive traders who have dug into the fundamentals of this German-based company could look to go long.

Vaccine News Triggers Vicious Rotational Action

The Russell 2000 outperformed the Nasdaq by 5.2 percentage points on Monday -- the largest outperformance ever recorded between the two indices.

What the Vaccine News Means for Stocks and the Market

When the dust settles midweek, I believe we'll have a great feel for the longer-term outlook associated with the Pfizer news.

Pfizer's Ureka Moment and Why Winning Is Never Boring

The leaders now are suddenly the reopening stocks, while the work remotely and stay at home stocks are being sold.

Pfizer Vaccine Causes a Frenzy of Buying

The vaccine news marks a major turning point and the issue now is to navigate this rotation.

Have the Charts of Pfizer Changed Monday Morning?

Let's take a look amid the announcement that Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine has progressed further.

Psychedelics Enjoying a Great Trip This Week

It seems depression may be the condition that propels psychedelics to be accepted.

Biogen Surges on Anticipation of Blockbuster Drug Treatment Approval

I'll need to see more price action first.

Abbott Laboratories Could Soon Break Out From Its Sideways Pattern

Let's review the charts and indicators.