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Drug Approvals

AstraZeneca Could Pause a While Before Challenging the Old Highs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Let's Cut Through All the Noisy Trading in Gilead Sciences

Trading action has been jumpy, so where's the trend?

Biohaven Pharmaceutical Needs More Bottom Development Before Becoming a Buy

You can't rush drugs to market and you can't rush a market bottom.

Jim Cramer: Why a 30-Year Safe and Sound Bond Makes Sense

With a $1 trillion bond, we could be sure that we have national testing and everyone has to be tested, we could actually build the PPE factories and put people to work.

Decisions at the Local Level Hold the Key to Economic Recovery

Most of the media continues to focus on the national response to the coronavirus.

Good-Bye to March 2020, Retailmageddon, 32% Unemployment? Trading DocuSign

I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to imagine that too many investors, or citizens for that matter, will mind seeing March 2020 head on out of here.

Congress Drags Its Feet as Markets Fall, 30% Unemployment?, 3 Favorite Stocks

St. Louis Fed Pres. James Bullard sees unemployment possibly hitting 30%, while GDP could ultimately contract 50%.

Mild Good News as Japanese Flu Drug Shows Promise in Mild Covid-19 Cases

Fujifilm Holdings has a promising drug that seems to work in improving the outcome for coronavirus patients in China and Japan, though Avigan is a treatment not a cure.

The Magic Mice of Regeneron

I am pretty well covered in my 'virus group'. I could definitely see bringing a few shares of REGN on board the next time the algorithms include that name in a broad selloff. Not before.

I Have More Hope for Eli Lilly's Research Partnership Than Its Charts

LLY is entering into a new partnership with AbCellera Biologics in an attempt to develop an antibody for Covid-19.