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Drug Approvals

Want to Know Why I'm Not Selling Moderna?

I'm staying long this name, and I'm staying long PFE and JNJ, and I'm staying long GILD and ABT. You know why? Because I'm optimistic.

Covering All Bases With Pfizer as It Aggressively Pursues a Covid-19 Vaccine

PFE is collaborating with German drugmaker BioNTech in the effort to find a well tolerated, effective vaccine.

Markets Test Support Levels, Amazon Earnings, Calibrating for Covid-19

The market sold off on Thursday after close as big hitters, including Amazon, reported earnings.

There's Nothing New in the Fed's Statement

We already know that the Fed is going to take all necessary measures to support the economy.

We're All Rooting for Gilead Sciences in This Venture

I'm long GILD, but the fact is that the firm is not trying to make money off of Remdesivir at this point.

Can a Covid-19 Vaccine Power Shares of Pfizer Higher?

PFE's charts are constructive and traders could go long at current levels.

Small-Caps Roar, Bets Against the Market, Trading Nvidia

Money movers are not buying protection for individual names, but they are starting to bet against the market en masse, while the Russell 2000 ran up 4% on Monday.

Indian Generic Maker Glenmark Seeks to Make Japanese Covid-19 Drug

India's drugmakers aim to manufacture generic versions of any coronavirus 'cure', even before the full findings as to how effective they are.

Saving the Service Economy, Gilead Trials and Intel's Earnings: Market Recon

More government funding is approved to fight Covid-19 layoffs, Gilead sells off on early reports around China trials and Intel announces earnings.

Moderna Is Soaring on Funding News so It's Back to the Charts

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.