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Drug Approvals

Watching Price Action, Pfizer Selloff, Trading Thoughts

Taking a chunk of Pfizer during this selloff, while Amazon has raised $10 billion in mixed-maturity debt and all eyes are on the government's response to civil unrest in the U.S.

Arcturus Therapeutics Has a Candidate for a Covid-19 Vaccine

When I first started buying ARCT shares I didn't conceive of a valuation of $1 billion, but I also didn't conceive of the global impact of a pandemic.

Merck Is All In With a Threefold Approach to Covid-19

I've been long Merck for a long time, since way before this pandemic became part of our lives.

Evofem Biosciences Rallies on Contraceptive Gel Approval: What's Next?

Let's check out a few charts on EVFM shares.

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Is Likely to See a Trading Range Market Ahead

I would look for further sideways trading on ARWR.

'Risk-On' Market, Volatility and Valuation, Trading Thoughts

Watching Moderna, Microsoft and FedEx as risk continues to be a central market theme, despite Monday's rally.

Moderna Is a Breath of Fresh Air

I'm long this name, as I am several of the others involved. Will I add on a day like this?

Keeping an Eye on Abbott Labs Stock

The current quarter, according to the analyst community, is understandably not shaping up as stellar.

A Triangle Formation on Drug Maker Eli Lilly Is Ready for an Upside Breakout

The question is whether you want to buy before the breakout or after the breakout?

The Reasons to Be in AbbVie: Valuation, Dividend Yield, Confidence in Guidance

I have always liked the aggressive management.