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Drug Approvals

Sorrento Therapeutics Has Made a Large Base Formation - Timing Is Key

The question is when to buy and what to risk.

AstraZeneca Could Continue to Higher Highs

Oxford University, along with Britain's AstraZeneca, published promising data from an early stage trial of a key coronavirus vaccine study Monday in London.

Taking a Wait and Watch Strategy on Biohaven Pharmaceutical

BHVN has made a relatively big advance since April and a period of consolidation or sideways price action is probably likely at this time.

These 3 Biotechs Have Decent Values

One would need to use covered calls to initiate positions that provide a solid amount of downside protection.

AstraZeneca Has Its Act and Its Charts 'Together'

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Check Out These 2 Undervalued Drugmakers

I plan to add some additional exposure to each on the next 'hiccup' in the market using my usual covered call strategy.

Here's My Take on Seattle Genetics

The firm is obviously fast becoming a real player in creating treatment for certain cancers. The firm still loses money.

A Speculative Stock That Makes Sense in Japan

Japanese company Shionogi developed a noninvasive saliva test for Covid-19 that delivers results in 25 minutes, and could be used on travelers.

Eli Lilly Shoots Up Following Drug Study

Potential for a new blockbuster breast cancer treatment is eyed as possible game changer, so let's see the charts and indicators for a new target.

Jim Cramer: Is the Day Where the Virus Ruled Our Lives Waning?

That's the really good news about why we could bounce back so quickly from Thursday's debacle.