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Drug Approvals

What a Week, China's Troubles, Hypersonic Weapons, Earnings, FDA Drug Approvals

The lack of urgency at the FDA, as it is in the defense space, is alarming.

Glimmers of Hope in the Biotech Realm as M&A Activity Picks Up

A recent trio of acquisition deals indicates the doldrums in the sector may be over.

Merck Continues to Reward Buyers

Investors are using the available weakness to buy the stock.

A Day Never to Forget, Red-Hot Debt Market, Moderna Marches On, Biden Thumbs Up

Plus, Zscaler largely delivers for its owners with its latest results.

There's Good News for 3 Biotech Names

And It comes after one of the best days of the year for the biotech sector.

Would-Be Buyers Should Wait for a Dip in Bullish Prothena

The shares of the under-the-radar biotech have had a strong run in recent months, so traders might want to watch for a pullback to buy.

Jim Cramer: Why Hasn't the Government Pushed for Mass Vaccination?

Incompetence, omissions and even outright lies have categorized this federal attempt to 'stem' the pandemic.

Jim Cramer: This Rally Is Squarely on Pfizer's Comirnaty

This COVID-19 vaccine is the potential savior of more than just the market.

Jim Cramer: The Drug Cos. Are at Full Strength

We're seeing a group move in pharma right now, so let's sort it out, pill by pill.