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Drug Approvals

Pfizer Price Targets? I've Got Them for You

A subscriber asks. We answer.

Taking Another Look at 2 Stocks I Like While Waiting for Breadth to Broaden

Recent news about Travelzoo and Albireo Pharma offer reasons to think those shares could be heading higher.

Jim Cramer: There's a Way for the Pandemic to End But It's a Terrible Way

We are a nation divided between those who are rabid to take the vaccine and those who are not.

2 Small Stocks to Watch as Conditions Ripen for Biotech Merger Deals

Ardelyx Inc. and Rigel Pharmaceuticals look good as stand-alone companies but also could attract suitors.

Is Pfizer Ready to Make an Upside Breakout?

Traders could go long PFE at current levels and here's where they can add to longs.

Eli Lilly Is Going Strong: Here's How to Play It

Let's check out the LLY charts amid FDA approval of the company's Alzheimer's drug.

2 Biotech Stocks That Make for Good Covered Call Plays

Clearside Biomedical and Omeros Corp. both have promising products that should win regulatory approval in the coming months.

If a COVID Vaccine Becomes Seasonal, Watch Novavax: Here's 2 Ways to Trade It

I prefer the bear put spread over the covered equity play due to the decreased risk to principal, despite the capped potential for profit.

Wait a Few Days to Trade Vertex So You Don't Get Your Face Ripped Off

While it's tempting to take on a long-side trade here, I don't see a good reason.

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals Looks Ready to Trade Higher

Let's review the charts and indicators.