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Drug Approvals

Jim Cramer: Johnson & Johnson? Moderna and Pfizer Can Do the Job

You never want to be caught in a counter trend rally.

Shark Bites: Taking Advantage of Weak Biotechnology Action

The stock is trading near its recent secondary pricing and has very attractive price targets from analysts.

16 Biotechs I Like Even as a Lack of Liquidity Is Hurting the Market

Quite a few stocks are fading right now -- not due to poor fundamentals, but due to lack of buying interest.

Here Are 3 New Biotech Positions I've Put to Work

All these names look oversold, have good longer-term prospects, are well-funded and have liquid option markets around their equities.

Here's Why I'm Avoiding AstraZeneca Stock

The AZN affair exposes the seedy underbelly of drug manufacturing, and the COVID-19 vaccine is certainly a drug.

Have I Been Given a Dodgy Pfizer Shot in Hong Kong?

Lies, damn lies, and statistics in the vaccine age, as Hong Kong and Macau stop administering the Pfizer/BioNTech drug.

Should You Buy AstraZeneca After Its Positive Vaccine News?

Here's my view on this space and where the money is to be made.

Vaccine Skepticism May Hold Back Asian Recovery

Getting international travel and commerce back on track may hinge on vaccine acceptance.

An All-Terrain Strategy for Portfolio Management

The market's mood seems to be changing almost daily; he's an approach for how to trade it regardless of how it's feeling on any particular day.

Pfizer Downgraded to Hold by Our Quant Service - How Do the Charts Look?

Be careful as we could see a retest of the June low in the weeks ahead.