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The Best Long-Term Investment of My Career

For the first time in a while, I'm making an additional buy in this profitable name.

3 Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks for a Bear Market

With a potential recession looming in 2023, we look for those names with the best chances of continuing to raise their payouts irrespective of economic conditions.

3 Dividend Stocks With Attractively Low Payout Ratios

Low payout ratios imply not only a highly sustainable dividend but also provide the company with a high level of dividend growth potential.

A Dog Sometimes Is Better Than an Index

That's when the dog is one of the Dogs of the Dow, but let's see whether those dogs can outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average again in 2023.

3 Oil & Gas Royalty Trusts With Exceptionally High Yields

Thanks to their exceptionally high distribution yields, these vehicles are attractive candidates for income-oriented investors.

3 Coal Stocks With Attractive Dividend Payouts

Some investors consider coal stocks dead from a long-term perspective. This is far from true.

My Unusual (For Me) 2023 Stock Pick Has Quietly Become a Dividend Champion

The combination of rising dividends and simultaneous share buybacks can be powerful.

Not Hot Now: Krispy Kreme Has Been a Disaster for Investors

This could be a great story, but it will take some doing.

For 2023, This Dividend Pick Will Add Some Style to Your Portfolio

Here's why we're going with this apparel play for the new year.

3 High Dividend Stocks With High Expected Returns for 2023

Each of these names offers a yield of at least 5%.