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Mr. Market and Mr. Bond Market Are Really Angry and Here's Why

All this volatility does is take investors' eyes off the bigger picture. They are losing money.

Rising Yields Are Good News for Income Investors: 8 Favorite Ideas

If there is a silver lining to rising interest rates it is that higher yields are now available to investors seeking income rather than growth.

3 High Dividend Stocks From the Basic Materials Sector

These names, which have outperformed the S&P 500 this year, offer above-average dividends with a wide margin of safety.

Not One, But Two of My Deep-Value Screens Are Targeting This Gun Maker

And that is no easy task based on the stringent criteria of one of the two screens.

Revisiting a Previous Pick -- Now at an Even Lower Price

This is the beauty of ugly bear markets. They often make even terrific company shares go inexplicably below fair value.

3 High-Yielding Dividend Stocks From the Utility Sector

These names offer attractive dividend yields of greater than 4% and are likely to outperform in an ongoing bear market.

Aim for High Dividends: 3 Defense Stocks for Tough Times

Military contractors tend to have strong performance, even amid recessions. Here are three names that could provide steady income now.

3 Dividend Stocks That Deliver High-Quality 'Returns'

ROIC is a valuable financial metric that can help identify the highest-quality stocks in the investing universe.

Is AT&T's Dividend Worth the Risk?

The recent slide in high-yielding dividend stocks has us wondering.

Like Venture Capital Firms but Better: 3 BDCs for Dividend Investors

Let's review three high-yield business development companies.