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When Times Are Tough, These 3 Mega-Caps Should Deliver the Dividends

Here's why in recessions and bear markets, the right mega-cap stocks can offer security -- and good yields.

A Stock That Lets You Sleep Well at Night

This conservative, high-yielding stock has very tempting upside potential.

Altria Could Be Dangerous in More Ways Than One

As the tobacco name's Juul stake goes poof and nicotine restriction talks burn on, will investors eventually have to cough up their dividend hopes, too?

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If You Won't Buy Now… When Would You?

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In Tough Times, Move in on These 3 High-Yield REITs

These real estate investment trusts offer yields that are well over double that of the broader market, long dividend increase streaks, and favorable growth and dividend outlooks.

Will Military and Defense Stocks Buck the Bear?

In times of geopolitical uncertainty, defense spending increases. But these names also make a great hedge against inflation. Here are several individual stocks and ETFs to consider.

FedEx Soars Sharply Higher But Is It an Uptrend?

Here's what aggressive traders could do.

These 3 High-Dividend Canadian Stocks Are Worth a Look

We like Canadian stocks for their relatively low valuations compared to US peers.

When the Chips Are Down, Invest in Blue Chip Dividend Stocks

If dividends get slashed amid a down-turning economy, we have three safe places to put your money.