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Ring the Register on This Dividend Aristocrat

With 47 years of dividend performance under its belt, Walmart is the best stock right now as consumers tighten their belts -- here's why.

Closed Doors Cause Restaurants to Take Dividends, Buybacks Off Menu

The impact of the coronavirus on the cash flow of companies in the restaurant sector is leading to capital-saving moves by several notable names.

When It Comes to This Dividend Aristocrat, Don't Kick the Can

PepsiCo has fallen flat, but it will bubble up again.

Silly Values = Great Trades

I would be a buyer of this one with both hands in.

The True Spice of Life? Dividend Aristocrats

I've got a taste for these dividend stocks: McCormick, PepsiCo and AT&T.

Stock Up: This Dividend Aristocrat Is Immune From Coronavirus

Consumer staples' recession-resistant qualities are highly appealing to income and dividend growth investors.

Cheers! These Dividend King Stocks Should Continue to Flow

These soda and water companies should prove in demand, no matter what.

This Health Care Dividend King Offers a Remedy for Hopeless Investors

JNJ should survive a recession and prove in demand in a health crisis.

These Types of Dividend Stocks Look Increasingly at Risk

As we face an unprecedented decline in demand, now we must determine which companies can support their dividends, and stave off crushing cash woes.

This Dividend Aristocrat Will Outlast a Coronavirus Recession

In times like these, virtually all stocks are being sold indiscriminately. However, certain corners of the market are likely to fare much better.