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JPMorgan Chase Continues to Rally: Here's How to Play It Now

In an updated daily bar chart, we can see that prices have been strong all month.

Visa Could Extend Its Advance After a Correction to the 200-Day Line

It looks like V may continue to correct its gains.

Here's How I View the Charts and Indicators of Mastercard

Let's see if this recent dip was a non-event or the start of something else.

This Dividend Aristocrat Keeps Humming Along, Despite Trade Volatility

W.W. Grainger remains a highly profitable and growing company, even during the tariff spat with China, and is expected to offer big returns to shareholders.

FactSet Research Stock Could Decline 12% in the Weeks Ahead

We see downside risk for FDS.

After Locking Up Scandal, Wells Fargo Vaults Ahead

Bank shows strong earnings, 13% dividend Increase and 4.2% yield.

Sorry Warren, Berkshire Hathaway Still Looks Bearish

Let's check the charts and indicators because I am pretty sure Warren Buffett is not a chart reader.

KKR's Charts Are Sound Enough to Go Long

Here's our latest strategy.

Fleetcor Technology Offers Great Story, but Wait for Better Buying Opportunity

The charts of the payments business are giving us enough reasons to nail down some profits if we are long or to defer purchases if we are flat.

ServiceNow Longs Could Raise Sell Stop Protection

Let's check out the charts on NOW.