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Disney Is My Favorite Stock for 2022

There are numerous reasons why I selected DIS, and the day that nobody lives in fear of the pandemic any longer... everyone is going to Disney World. I mean everyone.

Thrill Seekers Might Like 2 Downtrodden Stocks Insiders Are Buying

TherapeuticsMD and Spark Networks are beaten-down names with recent buying interest from insiders in common.

Peloton's Bounce May Not Travel Very Far

Without a bottom formation, prices are more likely to sink still lower in the months ahead.

Can Apple's Leadership Spread Out to the Rest of the Market?

Apple looks like it can sustain its uptrend.

Vizio's Picture Is Clearing Up

Something about VZIO's moves after earnings reminds me of the early days of Roku. Here's how I'd play the name.

Here's How I'd Venture Into FuboTV

This management team seems to know what it's trying to do, and isn't afraid to get aggressive in order to get there.

I'm Putting a Bid on Sea Ltd on a Small Spread

Heading into earnings, the price action is dancing in a dangerous territory.

Disney's Charts Suggest a Cautious Approach

It's interesting that DIS has not broken its May low.

I Only Read Playboy for Its Gorgeous Non-Fungible Token Strategy

PLBY Group is becoming a real centerfold for its crypto play. Other big brands could learn from this one.

What's Next as Alphabet Soars to New Heights?

Best to approach it from the long side.