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3 Big Names That Show Relative Weakness

Amazon.com, Facebook and American Express could begin to break down in the near future based on their charts.

Why Sea Limited Is a Favorite of Mine

I haven't changed my tune in my belief that eSports is a sector to own for the next several years.

GameStop Looks Like a Loser

Owning a retailer like GME that is wholly dependent on such a specialized market is a bad bet -- as confirmed by the company's second-quarter earnings miss.

Apple Could Break Out on Its Big Event, but Should See Support Even If It Falls

The iPhone maker's charts indicate its shares could climb on a favorable response to its new products but should have a safety net if observers are unimpressed.

Netflix: What the Charts Say Is in Store for the Stock

Weakness has continued into September, but what's next?

How to Get Interactive With Take-Two

This TTWO options trade look attractive.

How Big a Slice of Streaming Pie Will Apple Carve Out?

With its reported $9.99 price point and big cash to spend on new shows, AAPL could squeeze the likes of Netflix off the table.

Shares of Roku Look Extended Here, Book Some Profits and Raise Stops

Let's review the charts and indicators to see if there is more to come.

Netflix and Tesla Are About to Move Lower

Both Tesla and Netflix have struggled with consistent profitability.

Savior Trump, Crumbling Economies, Carville Logic and Apple, Too: Market Recon

Former presidential adviser James Carville was right about the bond market being intimidating; it is right now.