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In Case You Missed the Rags-to-Riches Netflix Show ...

If you think NFLX at current prices is a buy, then you better read my lesson on equity investing.

Glimmers of Hope, Debt Limit Farce, Netflix Narrative, Strapped Consumers?

Plus, a bird's-eye view of which direction the S&P 500 Index could take from here.

Netflix Isn't Showing Much Conviction Ahead of Earnings

It might be best to wait to see where things settle out after the streaming service reports fourth-quarter results.

Do You Hold Disney? Ask Yourself Why

I challenge readers to tell me why they think owning this stock makes sense.

I'm a Small-Cap Guy, but Disney, Wells Fargo Suddenly Look Entertaining

Both names have taken a hit, and now I see them a true values.

'Harry & Meghan' Notwithstanding, Netflix Could See More Price Weakness Ahead

Sellers of the streaming giant's shares appear to be more aggressive of late.

Is Iger the Hero Disney Needs to Give the Stock a Happy Ending?

As the CEO returns for a second act, some are skeptical. But I see Bob Iger as fully capable of playing the new role of 'Mr. Fixit.'

Welcome to Part 2 of My 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

This quartet of stocks includes a boat retailer, an underwear maker, a department store chain and an entertainment giant.

Bob Iger to Disney's Rescue? Not So Fast

According to Disney's charts, the market is skeptical that bringing Iger back for an encore as CEO will cure all that ails the entertainment giant

Will Rumble Punch Ahead, or Give You a Black Eye?

Before you plunge into this online video name that was the product of a special purpose acquisition company, read this.