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Winners and Losers From Alphabet's Gaming Effort

The impact of Alphabet's angle into streaming is important for investors on either side of the initiative.

Alphabet Almost Through a Major Top Formation: Book Some Profits

It may be time to book some profits by selling your Alphabet shares.

Chart of the Day: Alphabet Has a History of Expensive Infractions in Europe

Alphabet has amassed quite the tab from the European Union.

Investors Await Clarity on Alphabet's Attempt to Upend the Gaming Industry

GOOGL's ambitious gaming has to answer questions before being called a true game changer.

Free Markets, the Scourge of Socialism, Tencent Music Earnings: Market Recon

You may recall that TME, the Chinese Music streaming business that IPO'd last December, while not a trade related play, certainly would be a Chinese growth play.

HUYA Could Rally Despite Being a Risky Idea

Let's look at the charts and indicators to see what they look like.

Tencent Music Could Still Be Music to the Bulls' Ears

It's okay to take some profits on TME but don't be surprised if the stock makes additional gains.

Game Plan for Electronic Arts: The Charts Are Not Helping

One day I would have given it up for dead and the next instance it jumps $25. You cannot make this up.

Hasbro Looks Like It Still Is Trying to Figure Out Which Way to Go

The toymaker sounds like a bullish fundamental story but its charts are not in gear; wait until the charts and story match.

Activision Blizzard Looks to End Shareholder Ice Age on Earnings

Activision needs to post strong earnings before many investors eject.