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Capital Markets Chaos at Hand as Trump Strikes at U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms

The president takes aim at 31 companies that the Defense Department says have ties to the Chinese military.

L3Harris Technologies Charts Appear to Be Turning the Corner

The defense contractor is displaying better technical indicators of late.

Jim Cramer: Let's Bust These Election Myths

These are the top five misconceptions about presidential elections -- and the stocks that you should look at right now.

Raytheon Technologies Is Technically Weak

It's never a good sign when a stock declines on what appear to be good earnings numbers.

Red Monday, Virus Rattles Market, Political Picture, Aerospace & Defense Stocks

This is a major earnings week, electoral risk is real, the virus is already slowing velocity, and the cavalry (fiscal policy) is not coming. Sometimes, circling the wagons is not the worst idea.

Kratos Defense & Security Looks Vulnerable to a Decline

Aggressive selling has been going on for months.

Moog Is Not Yet in the Mood for a Sustained Advance

The shares are not displaying much in the way of trend strength.

Hold the Champagne, Big Nuke News, My Adobe Miscue: Market Recon

Plus, Kansas City Southern rejects a reported takeover overture.

Honeywell Is Poised to Resume Its Major Uptrend

Let's review the charts and indicators.

L3Harris Is Ready for an Upside Move

Let's review the charts and indicators.