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Geopolitical Tensions Could Prove Positive for Defense Stocks

The Pacific is not unique in terms of governments shoring up defense capabilities, including major purchases from U.S.-based companies.

Raytheon Technologies Is Ready for Liftoff

RTX may trade sideways for a few more days but I suspect we will eventually push higher.

Defense Contractor Northrop Grumman Puts Off Mixed Signals

Let's check the charts and when would be safe to pull the trigger on a buy.

Where to Invest Now? I'm Focused on 4 Core 'Baskets' of Stocks

There are other areas to trade as well, but know what you are trying to accomplish.

General Dynamics Finally Breaks Out to New Highs

Here's our price objective.

Market Pause, Trading Lockheed Martin, Apple Talent War, EV Battles, Ford

Market breadth was fairly awful Tuesday, though participation was down. There was no easily traceable move into or away from cyclical nor defensive type sectors.

Let's Take Aim at Lockheed Martin's Charts

Defense contractor LMT appears on a mission to break out.

Day of Infamy, Market Bounce, China Trade Balance, Finland, Intel's Eye-Popper

Positive news on Omicron is more powerful at the moment, at least for the markets, than the overhanging probability of tighter monetary policy.

The Fed's Future, Powell and Brainard, Yield Curves, Hypersonic Weapons Problem

Assigning the central bank responsibilities extending beyond the adjustment of monetary policy creates an unknown that I do not think we can assume outcomes for.

Here's a Primer on Why Ammo Should Project Ahead

Firing off a trade with POWW makes sense, but be aware of your safety switch.