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Get on the Defensive With This Stock You've Never Heard of

VSE Corp. can be bought for nearly 'half off' right now.

What's Not to Like About the New Raytheon Technologies?

This is day one of trading for a vastly changed company - Raytheon - now merged with United Technologies to form Raytheon Technologies.

Tread Carefully With L3Harris Technologies

A retest of the March lows could develop in the next couple of weeks, so be patient and careful with LHX.

Charting Lockheed Martin's Flight Pattern

Let's look at the latest charts and indicators for the aerospace and defense stock.

The Pentagon Makes a Statement

I will be taking the very first step in rebuilding my long in LMT this morning as the market sagged, and I do think that an entry level for BA is around here someplace.

United Technologies Spirals Lower but We Need to Be Forwarding Looking

At some point the end of the world we know will be discounted in the price action.

Raytheon Shares Fly Low -- Too Low to Make a Good Target

Instead, set your radar to track a base pattern before aiming for the company.

I Could Justify Adding to My Position in Lockheed Martin

If the need arises to defend, or take to offense, Lockheed is at least as important as any other firm in the nation.

Don't Jump the Gun With Axon Enterprise

AXXN could pull back further in this current environment.

United Technologies Could Push Through Headwinds to Climb Higher

The aircraft engine and elevator maker is managing to overcome negative global news, though the strength of its uptrend could be fading.