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Risks on Iran May Turn Out in Our Favor

Global tensions have spiked, but don't let disinformation drive your investment choices -- especially when it comes to recent Middle East headlines.

Iran Attacks, 8 Defense Stocks, the Energy Space in 2020: Market Recon

Apparently, unless the Iranian military simply does not train on their weapons, which I do not believe, the exercise was one of saving face... for now.

The Charts of Axon Enterprise Look Set to Weaken in the Weeks Ahead

Axon manufactures and sells conducted electrical weapons.

Jim Cramer: Here's My 'Threat of War' Portfolio

You asked for it, so here it is: This is where to put your money if the conflict with Iran gets out of control.

L3Harris Technologies Is Gearing Up for an Upside Breakout

How should we trade LHX?

Lockheed Martin Is Breaking Out to New Highs: How Far Can It Climb?

Here's how to play the defense stock right now.

United Technologies? Can't Really Complain

This really becomes a story down the road of margin and cash flow.

Northrop Grumman Is Poised to Scramble to New Highs

Let's review the latest charts and indicators of this defense contractor.

Defense Contractor Raytheon Could Break Out to New Highs Friday

It is easy to suggest that RTN is up on the heels of fresh U.S.- Iran tensions but the stock has been climbing for several months.

The Time to Start Rebuilding the Long Position in Kratos Defense Has Arrived

U.S. strategic and economic interests remain dependent upon the ability to project force and influence where ever and when ever necessary.