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Raytheon Shares Fly Low -- Too Low to Make a Good Target

Instead, set your radar to track a base pattern before aiming for the company.

I Could Justify Adding to My Position in Lockheed Martin

If the need arises to defend, or take to offense, Lockheed is at least as important as any other firm in the nation.

Don't Jump the Gun With Axon Enterprise

AXXN could pull back further in this current environment.

United Technologies Could Push Through Headwinds to Climb Higher

The aircraft engine and elevator maker is managing to overcome negative global news, though the strength of its uptrend could be fading.

Jim Cramer: It's Fundamentals Vs. Fear-a-Mentals

The score wasn't even close Tuesday as United Technologies shows how it can guard itself by diversifying.

Here's How I'd Trade Lockheed Martin Following Its Q4 Earnings Release

This is a good stock and a good company that I really, really like.

United Technologies Should Resume Its Advance When the Broad Market Stabilizes

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Something Big Is in Store for AeroVironment in 2020

It offers exposure to unmanned aircraft systems, drones, tactical missile systems, first-responders, telecom connectivity, and is exploring commercial A.I. & agricultural applications.

Interpreting the U.S./China Trade Deal, Tax Cuts 2.0, Aerospace Stocks

Does such a large increase in Chinese spending on U.S. 'stuff' give reason to doubt that future action lives up to words on a page (or 86 pages for that matter)?

This Stock's Special Dividend Is Taking Off Soon

Here's an aerospace and defense supplier that's offering a special cash dividend of a buck a share -- and that's not the only reason to be interested.