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Microsoft Gets Hit, Slowing Economy, Sloppy Markets, Ukraine Tanks, Halliburton

It was MSFT guidance that turned the post-closing bell rally into overnight weakness.

Here's Why I Won't Exit Lockheed Martin or Defense Stocks

I do adjust my exposure and here's how to create some income now.

Boeing Has Been Rising but Its Ascent Has Stalled in Advance of Earnings

Traders and investors might be wise to display caution ahead of the aircraft giant reporting fourth-quarter results.

Inflation, Crude Oil, Big Mac(ro) Attack, Tough Market, Defense Stocks, Pharma

Wednesday morning will bring traders, investors, Romans, and countrymen more macroeconomic results than they could ever wanted to peruse at one time.

Lockheed Martin Appears Headed for a Pullback

Here's what to avoid for now.

Job Data Myopia, Careening Economy, No Option C, Tracking 2 Space Defenders

Keep in mind that as interest rates rise, companies will need to pay more to borrow or cut back on operating expenses; there is no third choice.

Honeywell Shares Decline on a Fundamental Downgrade

Here's what traders who are long HON from lower levels should consider.

GDP Surprise, Tepper Tantrum, Semis Smackdown, Hypersonic Weapons Boost

Plus, an ode to Santa, a look at Thursday's spike in trading volume and Alphabet's big Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL.

BOJ, Yield Curve, Tuesday's Markets, Tesla Trade, Zelenskyy in DC, Nike Rocks It

The Bank of Japan move had a negative impact on longer dated non-Japanese sovereign debt as well.

Rush for the Exits, Awful Macro Data, Payroll Bombshell, Defense Bill Moves On

Though the media hasn't covered it, the Philly Fed reports that supposed big job gains in the second quarter simply didn't happen.