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I Just Can't Give Boeing the All-Clear Yet

This defense and aerospace stock looks brighter than its competitors, but it's still a tough jet to fly.

Will RTX Keep Trending Downward?

Here's what to avoid for now.

September Slide, China Dunks Apple, Trading a Weak Nvidia, Defense Gut Punch

Apple investors will have to decide, among other things, if this reflects larger problems in terms of valuation and/or potentially declining consumer activity.

Ugly Data, Waiting on Nvidia, Labor Market, Defense Stocks, Nike Stumbles

Trading activity slowed a bit up and down Wall Street as equities closed out Tuesday mixed to lower for the day ahead of NVDA earnings.

Broad Selloff, China's Economy, Retail Sales, Defense Stocks, AI Spending, FOMC

Bear in mind that markets have entered into a seasonally weak time of year that could last another six weeks. Maybe even longer. Keep your cool.

How to Trade RTX as the Stock Tumbles

Let's see if the Pratt & Whitney news starts a trend or if the dip is a buying opportunity.

Lockheed Stock Blasted Off, Then Took a Dive

Selloffs have made LMT a hard stock to trade the past year.

Honeywell Still Looks Like a Honey of a Stock to Me

The charts of the diversified technology and manufacturing company remain in an uptrend.

Lockheed Is a Leader Among Defense Stocks: Here's When to Invest

The strength of this beast is not in the growth, but in the sustainability of the business.

Beautiful Rally, AI Chips to China, Bank Stress Tests, Fed, Defense Stocks

The U.S. is considering new restrictions on exports of AI capable chips to China, negatively affecting Nvidia and AMD.