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Debt Saga Drags On, Rate Hike Handicapping, Data Deluge, Marvelous Marvell

Plus, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 did not do justice to Thursday's market action as there were far more losers than winners on the day.

Fed Hawks Squawk, Rates Rate New Odds, Trifurcated Thursday, Found Ukraine Money

Plus, there are more voices of optimism that a debt ceiling deal is close.

Debt Ceiling Progress? Market Temperament, Retail Sales, Defense Stocks, AI

There are now two weeks until what we think is the deadline for getting a debt bill passed into law.

Decelerating Inflation, Accelerating Claims, Debt Drama, Elon's Twitter News

Plus, defense chiefs testify before Congress about hypersonic weapons and the ability of the U.S. to defend itself against them.

L3Harris Is Set to Report Earnings: Here's How the Stock is Lining Up

I see some bearish and bullish clues for the aerospace and defense technology name.

Lockheed Martin Is an Important Stock in a Dangerous World

Let's see if the rally can continue.

Lockheed Martin Is a Cash Flow Beast and Very Investable

The aerospace firm reported earnings Tuesday that were better than expected.

Tesla Tightens China Ties as Beijing's Wargames Around Taiwan Conclude

The U.S. Navy ran a warship close to Mischief Reef as the People's Liberation Army wraps up three days of a simulated blockade/attack on Taiwan.

Waiting on the Fed, Jobs, Powell on the Hill, Dimon, Moynihan, Trading Defense

The Fed Chair will have to, once gain, thread the needle this week.

Ugliness Lurking, Inflation Pressure, Flash PMI, Awful Breadth, Defense Stocks

As Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Moscow, the US warned it won't hesitate to sanction Chinese companies that support the Russian invasion.