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Aim for High Dividends: 3 Defense Stocks for Tough Times

Military contractors tend to have strong performance, even amid recessions. Here are three names that could provide steady income now.

Point of No Return, Punishing Mistakes, Gnarly Bond Spread, 2 Possible Catalysts

Plus, we take looks at Eli Lilly and Raytheon Technologies after positive news developments for both companies.

Here's How to Play Defense with Military Stocks and ETFs

Between the war in Ukraine and U.S. and China tensions, this may be a great time to invest in defense stocks and ETFs.

The Beatings Continue, Conflicting Macro, Rising Yields, China Economy, Apple

Even as demand for large defense contractors remains inelastic, keep a watchful eye on Raytheon Technologies.

Worse Than You Think, Terrible Septembers, Commodities Bloodbath, Defense Stocks

The Fed Chair and his minions are clearly misinterpreting the macro, and openly stating their intention to damage the US economy.

Can Lockheed Martin Investors Go Ahead 'Without Remorse'?

Let's chart the path ahead -- or up? -- for this defense contractor.

General Dynamics Stock Could Rise to This Nice Round Number

After a fundamental bump, we examine the charts.

Hot Markets, China's Economy, Busy Week Ahead, Retail Earnings, Trading Lockheed

If the economy does happen to contract for a third consecutive quarter, will anyone in Washington call that a "recession"?

Raytheon Technologies Looks Like a Miss for Investors

The charts show RTX may have further to go on the downside.

Investors, Locked in on Lockheed's Guidance, May Miss Their Shot

Lockheed Martin soared earlier this year and then came spinning downward following earnings, but let's see how this name could fight its way back up.