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Lockheed Martin Is Ready to Break Out From a Huge Triangle

Traders could go long LMT at current levels and any shallow dip.

Let's Activate the First 4 Names in My Deep-Value Active Portfolio

Sagging stocks American Outdoor Brands, Nautilus Inc., National Presto Industries and CarLotz Inc. make up half the portfolio.

Buckle Up, Raytheon Technologies Is Ready for Takeoff

RTX has the right setup for further gains.

Let's Dissect Lockheed Martin's F-35 Production News

The announcement is welcome because it ensures production predictability, though deliveries scheduled for next year have come down a bit.

Energy Sector, Powell Speak, Labor Market, Booster Shots, Trading Kratos Defense

While all cyclical equity sectors did well, last week's push into more economically sensitive equities was indeed led by the energy sector.

Technical Problems, Stinky Breadth, Fiscal-Monetary Ying Yang, White House Shots

Plus, checking out trades related to Amazon, Macy's and a few defense and metals stocks.

Retreat, Tuesday's Market, Defense Sector Stocks, Trading 3 Names, Lam Research

The U.S. evacuation of Kabul is not really a market story, but it is deeply embarrassing, and an obvious weight upon sentiment.

Here's How I'm Playing Palantir Now

Try this options strategy on PLTR's solid earnings.

Play Defense With These 6 Military Contractors

Investment experts pick their favorite stock plays for those looking to add defensive qualities to a long-term portfolio.

Green Tuesday, Delta Economy, Policing Cryptos, Lockheed vs General Dynamics

The Delta virus has more power to control both fiscal and monetary policy than does the data or do any of our leaders individually.