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Debt Management

Can Online Lending Innovation Shake Up Traditional Student Loans?

Student debt in the U.S. currently stands at around $1.2 trillion, with over 40 million Americans tied to student loan obligations.

How Do I Prioritize Paying Off Debt and Saving for the Future?

Especially for debt-saddled Millennials emerging from college into the workforce, it can be difficult to decide how to save for retirement while paying back loans.

Financial Literacy Month: What Are the Fastest Ways to Boost My Credit Score?

A healthy credit score is a key part of financial success, but what are the fastest ways to boost your score?

Greece's Prime Minister Says Resolving Debt Problem Is Top Priority

Greece's new leftist prime minister says his government's top priorities are negotiating with creditors to resolve the country's debt problems.

Saving Strategically: Get Back to Basics and Stash Your Cash

Millions of Americans say they're too broke to save money.

Capitala, Medley & New Mountain Finance Offer BDC Opportunities

Capitala Finance has more equity exposure than most other debt-based business development companies so it offers higher potential upside, said John Cole Scott, Portfolio Manager for Closed-End Fund Advisors.

Inside the Dangerous Yet Lucrative World of 'Bad Paper' Dealers

The debt collection industry can be as lucrative and quantitative as Wall Street, but it is far more dangerous, said Jake Halpern, author of 'Bad Paper'.

College Students Mulling Dropping Out Due To High Debt Levels

According to Citizens Financial Group, 50% of college students considered dropping out of school on the heels of high debt levels.

Toys "R" Us Should Evaluate Refinancing Options ASAP, Sources Say

Toys 'R' Us faces a daunting debt maturity wall in 2016, and sources said the retailer should evaluate its refinancing options as soon as possible.

Argentina Defaults, but Analyst Says Don't Fear Others Will Follow

Argentina has now defaulted for the second time in 13 years, but UBS' Alejo Czerwonko says he doesn't foresee any other countries heading down the same path.