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How I Would Trade Palo Alto Networks After Earnings

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CrowdStrike Rallies on Price Target Hikes: Here's Ours

A strong close on Friday would suggest further upside.

This Cybersecurity Stock Is an Easy Pick for Investors in Tumultuous 2022

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Cybersecurity Stock Fortinet May Be a Buy on Further Weakness

The shares have been making lower highs from late December.

If You Don't Want to Be Slaughtered on the Trading Battlefield, Develop a Plan

It isn't brave to trade without a game plan; it's foolhardy and can result in big losses.

To Determine How to Move in This Market, Use a Moving Average

As an example, let's look at the 21-day exponential moving average of the QQQ to see what it is signaling; we also check out Cloudflare.

I'm Siding With the Bulls for Now When It Comes to Trading

This swing trader is far more interested in buying intraday dips than selling rips; he also checks out CrowdStrike Holdings and The St. Joe Co.