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5 Stocks to Watch as the Pentagon Eyes Bidders for Its JWCC Program

The evolution of the cloud is happening across the economy at light speed. So it must be with the military application of such high tech.

Organized Chaos, Growth Concerns, COVID Variant, Trading Amazon and Microsoft

Contrary to popular belief, this economic recovery that we seem to be enjoying has hit a pressure point.

Akamai Technologies Breaks Out to the Upside

Bullish signals abound for shares of the provider of content delivery network services.

CrowdStrike Remains Securely Bullish, So Stay Long

A move higher in the shares of the cybersecurity company should refresh the uptrend.

CrowdStrike Is Hot But Very Expensive, Here's How to Trade It

I already have shown favor to and own Zscaler, which is also an overvalued cybersecurity name, though not quite as overvalued as CRWD.

A 6-Month Consolidation on CrowdStrike Is Drawing to an End

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Okta Is Now Ready to Rally

Here's what our look at the cybersecurity company's charts reveals.

Integral to National Security, Here's How to Trade Palantir

This is not a value stock. That said, I am long a full position of the shares.

SailPoint Technologies Could Be Purchased Here

The correction or pullback in SAIL looks to be over.

I'm Day-Trading Palo Alto Networks Friday

I also have a plan for my Zscaler position, looking for similar messaging on Tuesday.