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Here's Why I Continue to Be on the Zscaler Bandwagon

If any industry is bound for eternally growing demand it's cybersecurity, and right now ZS is best in class.

Palo Alto Networks Sends Cautionary Technical Signals Ahead of Earnings

There are signs that the uptrend is wavering in shares of the provider of cybersecurity platforms.

My Preference With OneSpan Is Calls So I Can Define My Risk

The last few post-earnings beat downs were greeted with optimism once traders got over the initial disappointment.

Jim Cramer: 3 Big Takeaways for Investors From Bank Earnings Calls

The consumer continues to de-leverage at an extraordinary pace -- and the ramifications of this are extraordinary.

Has the 'Password' Changed for Okta?

The rally has slowed and that is a red flag to me.

Young Investors Favor Okta - Should You?

The longer-term outlook for OKTA remains fine now but the short-term picture remains problematic and vulnerable.

CrowdStrike Is Headed to the Round Number of $200

Here's how we'd we play the stock.

As Zscaler Zips Higher Will It Zing to a New Zone?

Let's see what the charts say about this stock that's advanced on a quarterly beat.

FOMO Fuels the Market : 3 SPAC Stocks I'm Playing

I'm trying to put more money to work but also staying selective.

Redfield's Dire Outlook, Cybersecurity Stocks, Bond Spreads, Growth Stalling?

At some point, there will be a fiscal support package passed -- but only when both sides think they can take the credit.