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American Express Beats Street as Cardmembers Spent More

It appears that more and more people were paying with their Amex cards in the latest quarter as profits at the credit card company grew 10% from 2013.

Visa Cuts Revenue Growth Forecast, Analyst Sees Underlying Health

Shares of credit card processor Visa slipped Friday trading after the company reported better-than-expected fiscal third-quarter earnings but trimmed its forecast for annual revenue growth.

Five Tips from the 'Money Coach' to Improve Your Credit Rating

Check your credit reports regularly because your credit rating determines the loan rate you'll get on mortgages.

Amex Faces Off Against U.S. Government in Antitrust Suit

American Express defends itself in an antitrust lawsuit brought on it by the U.S. Justice Department.

Eaton Vance: Floating-Rate Fund Fantastic Even If Yields Stagnate

Floating rate securities will provide yield and stability in a portfolio even if interest rates remain range bound for the rest of the year.

The Greatest Contrary Indicator Ever

Why anyone listens to Standard & Poor's, I'll never understand.