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Puerto Rico Bankruptcy, Looming Pension Crises Underscore Value of Gold

Gold is not reliant on the good faith and credit of any government.

Is Now the Time to Sell Twitter?

Are you a Twitter investor? Check out this video discussing when to sell.

Shopping for Stocks as the Fed Raises Rates

Yields initially collapsed rather than rising in response to the Fed's official statement, which came off far more dovish than expected.

Did Tuesday Reverse the Trump Trade?

Certainties have deteriorated amid GOP infighting and Russia issues.

Your Advanced Degree Matters to Your Credit Score

Your creditworthiness is influenced by your college degree.

Credit Is Thrown Back to 2005

The 2005-2006 period may be instructive for what 2017 may bring.

Here Is What Could Derail the Donald Trump Rally in Stocks

The Trump trade has been comprised of rising stocks and a selloff in government bonds, but a few factors could derail that momentum.

Buy Muni Bonds Now for the Yield

Lower marginal tax rates don't kill the value of tax-exempt bonds.

Jim Cramer: Buy Visa Shares on Any Weakness

Visa reports quarterly earnings Monday after the bell and investors should use any weakness to buy more shares, says Jim Cramer.

Long Live the ECB's Bond Purchases; They Lift Eurozone Stocks

Or so investors hope, ahead of this week's meeting.