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Prepare for GDP-Linked Bonds, the Magic Solution to the Debt Crisis

New forms of debt would give bond investors equity stakes in countries' economies.

Will China's Downgrade Cause Investors to Race for the Exits Yet Again?

Investors are two-faced when it comes to China. It's all good until it's very bad. Are things about to get ugly again as debt mounts and reforms drag on?

Cramer: Caterpillar and JP Morgan Will Tell You How the Market Fares

They are the stocks that are key to this market.

Wake Up Wall Street: China Downgraded for the First Time Since 1989

Moody's made the decision amid growing concerns over rising debt and slowing growth.

China Downgraded for the First Time Since 1989

China stocks fell and the yuan weakened Tuesday after Moody's lowered the credit rating for the world's second-largest economy.

Trading Strategies: Hot Moves for May

Jim Cramer's Trading Strategies roundtable share their stock picks for May.

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy, Looming Pension Crises Underscore Value of Gold

Gold is not reliant on the good faith and credit of any government.

Is Now the Time to Sell Twitter?

Are you a Twitter investor? Check out this video discussing when to sell.

Shopping for Stocks as the Fed Raises Rates

Yields initially collapsed rather than rising in response to the Fed's official statement, which came off far more dovish than expected.

Did Tuesday Reverse the Trump Trade?

Certainties have deteriorated amid GOP infighting and Russia issues.