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A Lesson From Texas: You've Got to Know When to Fold 'Em

I bet on Texas Roadhouse when it was down and made out well -- now it's time to let go.

Head to the Suburbs for These Homebuilding Stock Buys

The pandemic has reinforced the value of a safe home with a little space to work, exercise, and relax at a safe distance from neighbors.

PerkinElmer Could Rally Further After a Big Consolidation Breakout

The charts of the life sciences company suggest its stock could make a large upside move.

Are We in a Market Bubble?

I do know one can be defensive, proactive, and less aggressive with risk.

Walmart Reports Tuesday, Here's Where I'm a Buyer

The focus, I believe, will be on growth in e-commerce.

Were U.S.-Chinese Trade Talks Delayed by Secret Chinese Meeting?

The top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party may be holding their annual seaside gathering to discuss policy. Or maybe not.

A Walk on the Wild Side, the Fed, Emerging Risk, Buffett's Gold: Market Recon

Markets are possibly fine until either growth or inflation force the Fed to change guidance on interest rates.

The Bearish Arguments Grow Louder but Bulls Refuse to Relent

Good stock picking continues as market participants shrug off a host of negatives.

Jim Cramer: 6 Reasons Why People Are Working at Home

Commuting can return but the ex-urban movement is growing permanent... only a vaccine, and maybe not even that, can change things.

Kass: 10 Factors That Could Send Us Into a Sudden Bear Market

My view is that the period leading up to the November election holds a list of unique and potentially worrisome risks.