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Apple Still King, Dow Shell Game, More Market Faith, Renewed China Talks?

Monday's market action was in no way similar to that recent disparity between the 'haves' and 'have nots.'

Jim Cramer: The Game Plan of the Morning Traders

The amateurs won. Is that really possible? It happened.

Covid Changes the Script at Lions Gate Entertainment

Here's how to play LGF.A as it nears a breakout.

Here's How I'm Trading XBiotech

Do these shares get back to the 2020 highs that were reached back in January?

The Week Ahead, Markets Haven't Been Wrong, Closer to a Vaccine? Watching J&J

The equity market recovery is just as sloppy in performance as the economy itself.

Jim Cramer: The Steal of the Century? Airbnb

We still want to travel. We want a bargain. We don't want to raise our chances of getting Covid-19. We want Airbnb.

Strange Moves, Jobless Masses, Vaccine Hope, Adobe Advances: Market Recon

The headline numbers don't present the full story of what is going on with the equity markets.

Jim Cramer: Working at Home Is Not a Fad -- and the Implications Are Staggering

Seven consequences of what Salesforce and Marc Benioff, the exec most close to Covid, announced Wednesday.

A Brief on Synopsys: Stock May Pull Back in Short Run Before Longer-Term Gains

SNPS has been one of the S&P 500's top performers during the pandemic.

We've Dodged Most Shortage Bullets Amid the Pandemic, but Speaking of Bullets...

The stocks of companies that make and sell guns and ammunition have done very well this year.