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McDonald's Investors Have a Choice to Make Now

How I'd play the Golden Arches after its quarter pounding.

Danger Beneath the Waves, Chip Stocks Ahoy, Fiscal Battle, Sizing Up Starbucks

Negotiations on the next round of stimulus, more so than tension between Washington and Beijing, and more so than earnings season, will control short-term financial market performance.

Hottest Sectors Start to Cool Off

Precious metals are an exception but electric vehicles and SPACs have lost their luster.

It's an 'Oliver Twist' Week for Earnings and Fiscal Stimulus

Some form of fiscal compromise is widely expected, but I see three risks.

Waiting on a Crash? That's the Wrong Approach

Pay attention to the price action, don't tell the markets what they should be doing, and have some protection on at all times.

I Find Little Energy for Most of the Market

I'm looking for some financial names that still offer value in a very uncertain market.

3 Big News Events This Week Will Determine the Market's Next Move

Monetary policy, fiscal policy, and major earnings news are all on the docket.

Jim Cramer: We Have Underestimated Our Covid-19 Enemy

Why aren't we figuring out how to cure the test bottleneck?

Kass: 10 Key Factors That Could Send Us Into a Bear Market in 2020

The wise man considers the 'ifs' - the contrary - and constantly evaluates, and often rallies against, 'group stink'.

Jim Cramer: Handicapping the Major Covid-19 Vaccine Makers

Our fate is in the hands of a few dozen companies with a dizzying array of clinical trials, and whoever gets there first is gonna make a fortune.