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Grotesque GDP, So Much for Rotation, Amazon Goes Wild: Market Recon

Plus, it could be quite a while before the labor market can absorb all those people who are out of jobs.

Jim Cramer: The Death Knell of the Traditional Sit Down Restaurant

After listening to the Yum call you know that almost every restaurateur seeking to make a profit will most likely fail.

2 Factors That Have Procter & Gamble Poised for New Heights

This is one big name that appears to be in the sweet spot at the moment.

Fed's Powell Hands Off the Baton, so It's All About Fiscal Policy Now

The Fed did a great job in boosting the asset markets with its aggressive monetary stimulus; now we need to see real economic growth.

Get Ready for an Earnings Extravaganza

Huge earnings news and economic reports will drive the indices while aggressive speculative trading continues in smaller stocks.

Big Tech's Big Night, Eyeing Amazon, My Kodak Moment, Powell's Blunt Assessment

The Fed has done a lot, and is willing to do even more, but for now, is watching Congress. The fiscal side is where the next shoe falls.

Jim Cramer: I'm Sick of Hearing All This Nonsense About the Fed

Let me disabuse you of some of the biggest canards that people routinely spout involving the Fed and stocks.

Kodak Is the Latest Super-Momentum Trade

Wild speculative trading continues to be the most fascinating aspect of this market.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Sprouts on Earnings Beat, Special Dividend

Here's our strategy on SMG.

Jim Cramer: Here Are My Top 10 Pandemic Paradox Stocks

In a 'normal' recession, these would be real losers -- but right now? They look like numero 'UNO'.