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A Market Unmasked, Sectors Go Green, Treading Nasdaq Turf With Care

The market seems to rejoice from the latest mask utterance out of the CDC, but the action at the Nasdaq should give traders pause.

In the Midst of This Pandemic, Arcturus Therapeutics Has Its Lightbulb Moment

ARCT's IP is incredibly valuable, and may in fact be invaluable.

Commercial Real Estate Doldrums Will Last Quite a While

The pandemic-inspired trend toward office workers working at home will keep taking its toll on demand for office space, particularly in big cities.

Key Chart Favors a Nice Rise in Abbott Labs Later This Year

The technical signals indicate the odds of further weakness in the health care company's shares are low.

How I Made the Best of a Bad Year

Here's a followup from my May 2020 stock picks and how they played out during the pandemic year.

Making Sense of the Disappointing April Jobs Report (And How I Traded It)

When government data seems strange like this, it is more likely to be an artifact of sampling or some other one-off reason.

ARKK Under Pressure, Peloton, Vaccine Moral Dilemma, Charting the Nasdaq

The fund is at a key spot technically, and there is real fear that if this spot cracks, what looks like a stretch of rough rapids could become a waterfall.

Lydall Shares Are Ready to Make New Highs

Traders could go long LDL at current levels.

Welcome to the Show, Trading FedEx and UPS, Vaccine Cavalry, Pfizer's Moment?

UPS and FDX are both in serious rally mode, yet in very different places in terms of technical development.

Jim Cramer: Don't Bet Against Comebacks in This Second Chance Market

Just like you have to know how to read a room, you have to know how to read a tape and this tape screams 'I'm not done yet.'