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Deal or No Deal, the Rally Narrows, Trump's Pen, Debating Datadog: Market Recon

It would be better if Jobs Day became Deal Day, and can Congress get its act together before the president acts instead?

Airlines Could Take Off With Help From This Tailwind

It's not just American Airlines stock that has stabilized and is pointing higher.

The Trend Is Your Friend but Be Ready to React to Changes in Market Character

Focus on price action but increase vigilance. Be ready to react if fundamental issues start to hit the market in a more systematic way.

Jim Cramer: Betting Against Science Is a Mug's Game

The buyers have decided that the researchers and doctors are going to beat the virus, so you better get on board or miss the move.

Regeneron Stock Is Not Cheap - But It Could Be Undervalued

Ask yourself: Would you pay a higher multiple for the company that puts together a successful cocktail for Covid-19?

How to Buy a Beachfront Apartment in Bali

Owning a piece of paradise looks more likely with a major new law doing the works that would encourage foreign investment into Indonesia.

Parabolic AMD, Agreeing to Agree, Disney's GAAP Earnings Gap: Market Recon

It is going to take successful vaccines and therapies and much lower unemployment to revive most of Walt Disney Co.'s businesses.

If It Looks Like a Bull Market and Acts Like a Bull Market...

This market is doing everything a bull market is supposed to do so enjoy it while you can rather than fight it.

Jim Cramer: Buyers, It's Time to Look in the Mirror

Blame the Fed? No. I'm reserving my wrath for the clueless buyers who appear to have taken a permanent intellectual summer vacation.

How to Manage a Pair Trade Without Breaking a Sweat

Should we take profits on our long Peloton, short Planet Fitness trade or let it run?