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CureVac Is Down But Not Out: Here's How to Trade It

CVAC is now working on a 'next generation' COVID-19 vaccine candidate with GlaxoSmithKline.

Jim Cramer: I Warned You That Betting Against Science Is a Mug's Game

And I was right, and the cynics were wrong. Here's why that matters more than ever now.

If a COVID Vaccine Becomes Seasonal, Watch Novavax: Here's 2 Ways to Trade It

I prefer the bear put spread over the covered equity play due to the decreased risk to principal, despite the capped potential for profit.

This Blue Chip Dividend Growth Gem Should Be on Every Income Investor's Radar

The stock has rallied nine-fold over the last decade, while the dividend ha increased at a double-digit rate every single year for more than a decade.

Jim Cramer: Is Anecdotal Information Really Worthless?

I don't want to miss the next trends because I feared the anecdotal which would have been just plain wrong.

Moderna's Charts Are Bullish and Pointed Higher

Here's the area where I would like to go long MRNA.

You Want Nice Returns With That? 6 Fast Food Favorites

Leading investment advisors provide a menu of attractive QSR stocks.

Nowhere Man, Day Trading AMC, Damn the Fed Torpedoes, This Vaccine's for You

It was one thing to be Melvin Capital earlier this year. It would be something else altogether not to have learned from that hard lesson.

A Subscriber Asks: Is JetBlue Ready to Fly Higher?

Traders could go long JBLU at its current altitude.