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Mild Inflation Sends Hong Kong and China Shares Higher

Chinese stocks broke a streak of downward pressure, but property developers face a troubled economy where 'only the fittest can survive.'

China Approaching 'Peak Lockdown'

One-fifth of the Chinese population is under some form of movement restriction, effects that are yet to manifest in production and earnings.

China Sets Date for Change in Its Leadership, But Not in Its Covid Policy

Five Chinese megacities are restricting movement once again, with no end to the Covid business cycle in sight.

Mindless Fed, Russian Gas, China Covid, Moving to Cash, Jobs Day, Chip Stocks

The latest China Covid shutdown will impact Toyota, Intel, and Foxconn Technology, which by extension possibly implies Apple.

Export-Oriented Asian Markets Bear Brunt of Selloff

Asian stocks are near two-year lows, faring worse this year than their U.S. and European counterparts, with further ground to give.

Markets, Awful Empire State Index, Economy, Inflation, Covid Booster, Disney

The report from New York is certainly consistent with what one would expect to see as an economy heads either into recession or more deeply into recession.

Hong Kong Cuts Quarantine to 3 Hotel-Stay Days

With its economy in recession, Hong Kong is finally recognizing that it must 'live with Covid' like the rest of the world.

China Quietly Abandons 2022 Growth Target

Shares in mainland China and Hong Kong sink as the Beijing leadership walks away from growth of 'around 5.5%' for this year.

Carnival Takes the Wind Out of Its Sails

This simply is not the same company it was prior to the pandemic.

China Doubles Population Under Lockdown, at Risk of BA.5 Shutdown

The world's second-largest economy has been recovering since mid-May. But that progress is tentative, and is currently being set back by a quadrupling in Covid case counts.