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Spice Maker McCormick Is Adding Some Heat to the Charts

Shares have rebounded smartly to challenge the declining 50-day moving average line.

The Net Profit Margins of These 10 Restaurants Might Surprise You

When I scan the restaurant space, I remain perplexed, wondering not only when they might be able to reopen, but also how quickly consumers will come back, and to what degree?

We're in the Middle of a Trading Range Right Now

This is still a very difficult market for individual stock picking as the action is strongly correlated.

Asian Markets Brace for 'Third Wave' of Covid-19 Infections

Slowing infections in South Korea and stimulus in Singapore and Japan pushed stocks higher Monday, but tighter restrictions will hurt Asia's economies.

Some Optimism, Watching Oil, Trading Hain, Updating 4 Stocks: Market Recon

The presidential task force wasn't going to address the media Sunday. Then, they did. Actual news? Futures markets opened ahead of that, in the green, and went higher. That's interesting.

Rising Optimism Drives a Hopeful Market, but Watch Volatility

There are signs that the shutdown of the economy is working to slow coronavirus cases, but it is unlikely to be a smooth rise.

Jim Cramer: Why a 30-Year Safe and Sound Bond Makes Sense

With a $1 trillion bond, we could be sure that we have national testing and everyone has to be tested, we could actually build the PPE factories and put people to work.

Bearish Bets: 2 Stocks You Should Think About Shorting This Week

These names are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Kass: The Week That Was - Positives and Negatives

The positives and negatives of this week.

8 Tips for Trading a Bear Market

If you want to stay busy and make some money then you need to adapt to the action.