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With Pfizer Firmly in Value Territory, Here's What Investors Are Missing

The stock is already down about 15% in 2023 as the pharmaceutical giant gets set to report earnings.

China's Reopening Bounce Is Over: The Next Leg Down Begins Soon

If the reopening was that bullish shouldn't buyers be more aggressive?

India Ends 2022 as Asia's Best Stock Market as China Finishes the Worst

Entering 2023, we can feel inflation easing and are watching for long-term gain from the removal of zero-Covid in China, even if it results in short-term pain.

China, Covid and Travel, Wanna Invest in Bitcoin? Lockheed's Hot Streak, AMC

Funny how re-openings work after forced shutdowns fail in one way or another.

Run on Vaccine Bookings, Medicines in Hong Kong as China Eases Travel Rules

We expect Chinese travelers to return in large numbers, as Asian nations slap new restrictions on arrivals from the last major nation to learn to "live with Covid."

Santa Meets a Downtrend, Week Ahead, China Loosens Further, Let's Eat Out!

Since 1950, the traditional 'Santa Claus rally' period has produced positive results about 78% of the time.

China Is Giving Santa Some Help Tuesday Morning, But It Won't Be Easy

Let's see how willing buyers are to embrace the hope of a Santa rally.

Asian Shares Dip as China Counts Covid Cost, But Not Deaths

Private data will need to give us a picture of what's going on in China, where a bleak winter awaits.

Chinese Statistics Diverge From Covid Reality as Traders Fall Sick

Many businesses in China report difficulties due to staffing shortages, but the official tallies of infections and deaths don't reflect that situation.

A CPI Set-Up? Fed in the Wings, Bah Humbug, Sam Bankman-Fried, Bullish Pfizer

If the CPI number prints a bit frosty, there will be and should be some questions.