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This Pandemic Is an Endemic

Because things are changing in the world, make sure your portfolio is protected with real returns.

With the Virus Still in Charge, Pfizer Can Be Flexible: Here's My Plan

PFE has created what appears to potentially be the most effective antiviral for those already infected.

Variant's Grand Slam, Good Data, Going With the ETF Flow, Eye on Black Friday

Plus, a thought on how the Fed could approach tapering going forward.

Worries About a New COVID Variant Slam the Market

The major indexes have needed a correction to catch up with the broad market, but this is far more abrupt than anticipated.

The Week Ahead, Lockdown Protests, Ukraine, Bitcoin City, Trading Best Buy

It appears that supply-chain bottlenecks may be starting to ease up a bit, just as lockdowns may possibly take the gusto out of global consumer demand.

McCarthy Stalls, Europe's COVID Surge, Mad Love for Ford, Apple's Car Play

Plus, the headline numbers don't come close to telling the story of Thursday's action in the equity markets, which had a case of bad breadth.

Inflection Point, Fed, Inflation, Pandemic, Retail Earnings, Trading Walmart

Janet Yellen: 'If we want to get inflation down, I think continuing to make progress against the pandemic is the most important thing we can do.'

Southeast Asia Opens to Travelers Who Have Yet to Come

Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are reopening their borders, but few visitors have arrived.

Moderna's Patent Credit, Palantir and ARK, Musk Sells Tesla as EV Stocks Climb

Plus, the intersection of rising inflation and a slowing velocity of money give us reason for pause.

A Light at the End of the Runway

Look for business travel to pick up in a big way in 2022 as the pandemic winds down, which is why American Airlines is a stock to consider.