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I'm Taking Another Swing at Buying Into a Pro Sports Company

As a special purpose acquisition company, RedBall Acquisition Corp. offers a new twist on investing in the business of sports.

Indicators Say Traders Aren't Holding Celsius Holdings

Shares of the fitness beverage maker look stuck in a sideways pattern after a big run higher amid what is likely profit taking.

Housing-Related Stocks Continue to Build Momentum

A small western homebuilder and a furniture maker are the latest to see their businesses improve amid the pandemic.

Buy FAANG on the Dip? This Could Be Your Chance

There is an opportunity to buy some of these names at a discount to their highs, with Amazon presenting the best bet.

Late Surge Turns This Portfolio of Ugly Stocks Into Very Lovable Losers

Thanks to big gains by Tupperware Brands and GameStop these dozen stocks that languished in 2019 collectively are now up nicely since the portfolio's inception.

Cannabis Sales Are Recovering From Covid-19, but Just How Much Is Debatable

The available data don't paint a clear picture of the extent of the rebound in sales in different states.

Restaurant Stocks Reveal Industry's Feast-or-Famine State

The shares of several chains are doing surprisingly well while others are struggling as the pandemic puts restaurants' survival skills to the test.

Uber Has Been Idling, but Is It Ready to Roll?

If the ride-sharing company's stock can edge higher and hold that ground, the answer to the question appears to be yes.

Levi Strauss Could Rally Further on Better Earnings

Shares of the jeans maker, which reports third-quarter results Tuesday, have seen more buying interest of late according to its charts.

I'm Tracking Buy Setups in Giants in E-Commerce and Wireless Technology

Alibaba Group Holding and Advanced Micro Devices both offer technical reasons to be interested in their shares.