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Take a Pass on Trex for Now

Let's look at the charts to see why.

Avoid Roku, It's Not Looking Good on the Charts

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

Opportunity Calls in the Dow Industrials ETF

A debit call spread is one way to play the ETF; we also check in on Tesla and Weight Watchers.

Industry, Macro Pressures Could Squeeze Walmart's Margins Into Holidays

Walmart's price compression could prove problematic ahead of its key sales season.

Norwegian Cruise Line CEO: Why Wall Street Is Being Irrational on Our Stock

Norwegian Cruise Line is seeing solid trends across the board in its business. Yet, Wall Street has sent the stock lower by 6% this year.

How Did Caterpillar Get Its Name?

So what does a company specializing in heavy machinery share in common with a very hungry insect. Watch to find out.

Tiffany Haddish Has Made Groupon Cool Again

Jim Cramer chose Groupon as his Stock of the Day on Real Money a few days ago. But because its Friday afternoon and we can't get enough of her, watch the video above to see why actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish has something to do with his pick.

Goldman Sachs: Lloyd Blankfein's Controversial Career (Watch)

TheStreet looks back at key dates of Lloyd Blankfein's controversial tenure at Goldman Sachs in this animated infographic.

Wait, Google Was Almost Called What?

Fortunately, Larry Page and Serge Brin had a change of heart before everyone's favorite search engine became mainstream.

Podcast: What Does the Cannabis Industry Have in Common with the Dot-Com?

Does the smoking cannabis industry share more than a few things in common with the Dot-com in the 1990s. Check out this podcast from the Real Money team.