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Don't Get Locked Into CoreCivic

CXW, which was downgraded to hold, is vulnerable to further declines.

Let's Take a Look at Yum China Holdings

Past performance during earnings are my method of choice for trading this stock.

Cintas May Be Boring, but it Is a Dividend Star With Stable Growth

This Dividend Aristocrat delivers consistent top line growth on solid operating margins.

Heads Up for Summer Intrigue if You Own These Stocks

A pair of private-prison operators, a meal kit company and a fashion retailer all are facing unique struggles at present.

Berkshire Hathaway Looks Bearish Despite Buffett's Long-Term Track Record

Let's check the charts and indicators of BRK.B because I cannot imagine Warren Buffett looking at the charts.

Checking Into the Best of the Hotel Sector

The charts of two global hotel chains indicate they're the best names to hold in the lodging business right now.

Stamps.com, Once a Darling, Reinvents Itself

Although I would consider this a very speculative, very aggressive buy, it is one of the few charts and ideas which appeals to me today.

Pinterest Could Weaken Further in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check out the limited chart and indicator history.

Wendy's Has a Modest Upside Price Target, Trade It From the Long Side

Let's check out the price charts and technical indicators this morning.

Jim Cramer: I Demand You Read Jeff Bezos' Shareholder Letter!

Bezos and Amazon are the greatest bargains for the customer on earth.