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Charting 2 Household Names That Are Going Their Separate Ways

The technical signals for Clorox suggest more downside ahead, while Coca-Cola looks like it's preparing to head higher.

Tractor Supply Shares Should Keep Plowing Ahead

The charts of the rural lifestyle retailer are nothing but bullish.

Watch Tesla and Peloton as They Face Potential Product Liability Issues

The actual hit to reputational damage is much more difficult to quantify.

How Do You Play the Netflix Dip? Buy Disney

Here's my trading strategy.

Toymaker Mattel Needs Further Consolidation to Renew Strength

MAT is losing trend strength and need some sideways action to renew the trend. Hold longs and keep your sell stop in place.

Here's What Investors Need to Wait for With Constellation Brands

This stock can be bought for a trade today, but only by someone who watches their positions closely and acts aggressively.

LG Electronics Opts to Kill Off Its Smartphone Business

The Korean conglomerate, once the world's third largest mobile phone maker, failed to find a buyer for its loss-making business.

I'm Taking a Small Friday Afternoon Trade in Ammo to Hold

The more threat we see to the gun industry, the more immediate demand we'll see for their products.

Kass: Move Over Reddit/WallStreetBets, There's a New Kid on the Block!

I have a solution how to get rich in 2021! It's all about books.

Sherwin-Williams Might Not Show Green Right Away

Investors should look to buy at lower levels and know the stock is vulnerable to a pullback.