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WD-40 Is at a Crucial Turning Point -- Be Ready to Act

This stock could break out on the upside or downside.

Analysts Still See Room to Cash In on Costco

The wholesale club's solid results are encouraging analysts to raise their price targets.

Floor & Decor Holdings May Stay Closer to Its Floor Than Its Ceiling

The charts of the flooring retailer do not offer convincing evidence that its shares are ready to "soar," as one analyst recently opined.

Amazon Won't Crush Kroger By Competing With Itself

It would make little sense to take a step backward into bricks and mortar when consumer trends are so clearly shifting toward online purchases.

When Funko Reports Thursday, Will We See a Sell-the-News Reaction Again?

I'm an advocate of owning shares, so this would be positioned around a long position.

Jim Cramer: Kraft Heinz Is Setting Off My Baloney Meter

A company needs both sales and profit growth, and Kraft Heinz isn't going to give you either on a sustainable basis.

Kass: Will Kraft Heinz Be an Investment Call to Arms by Warren Buffett?

Buffett 'knows' Kraft Heinz well (he'd been on the Board for several years) and is capable of making a quick decision.

Kraft Heinz Could Sink to Around $25 in the Months Ahead - Charts

The media will be seeking comments from Warren Buffett but I like to keep it simple and look at the charts and indicators.

Novice Trade: WMT

Those that dumped Walmart when they said they were investing in themselves were shortsighted.

How to Trade Walmart With Options After Its Solid Earnings Report

WMT's performance after earnings the last two years leads me in this direction.