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Two Online Retailers Stand Above the Rest: Amazon and Walmart

Consumers who never before considered buying certain items online are now doing so. Once they get used to the convenience, that habit will become permanent.

Williams-Sonoma and L Brands: Which Is the Better Buy Now?

Traders and investors need to focus on stocks that bottom first and show promise for a recovery.

What About a Deal With HP Inc. and DocuSign?

What boggles my mind is DocuSign sitting out there at $15 billion that could work well with HPQ - or Xerox - and their strong free cash flow.

HP Inc.? I'll Pass

I did look out three months to see if there was maybe an intelligent way to play this name through the options market.

Can Target's Shares Break Out to New Highs?

I would rather be long either Amazon, which I am, Costco, which I am, or Walmart, which I am not.

If You're Buying Clorox, You Aren't Buying Growth

With how much the markets have declined over the past two weeks, I see far better plays out there than Clorox.

Newell Brands, in Turnaround Mode, Saw Q4 Earnings Top Expectations

The 'new' version of NWL is still comprised of a host of well-known brand names after asset sales reduced debt.

One Has to Be a Bit Tepid Going Into Hasbro's Earnings Tuesday Morning

I would lean short (puts) here, but I'm going to opt with a volatility play while also not risking a ton of capital.

Coronavirus, Face Masks to China, and the Health of the Chinese Consumer

I hope that investors remember that actual human beings are the ones purchasing cars, cell phones, and coffee everywhere around the world.

I'm Not Playing Around as Mattel Can Rally

Here's how I'd trade it.