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Bed Bath & Beyond Is Testing Its December Nadir: Breakdown or Speculative Buy?

Let's check the charts and indicators after the retailer's latest quarterly results.

Cintas May Be Boring, but it Is a Dividend Star With Stable Growth

This Dividend Aristocrat delivers consistent top line growth on solid operating margins.

These 3 Dividend Aristocrats Have Consumable Products as Part of Their Offerings

The dividend yields on these stocks range from 2.4% to 3.0%, and in the last two quarters all three once again boosted their quarterly dividend.

Constellation Brands Remains Beer Dependent as it Transforms Itself

Changes will come as they move their wine and spirits business to the 'high end', and develop the activities of Canopy Growth, which promises cannabis-infused drinks.

Berkshire Hathaway Looks Bearish Despite Buffett's Long-Term Track Record

Let's check the charts and indicators of BRK.B because I cannot imagine Warren Buffett looking at the charts.

Carrefour Beats Retreat in China, Following Walmart and Tesco

International grocery giants aren't finding that their brand names go far in China anymore, where the biggest homegrown online platforms add bricks and mortar to their sales mix.

Ball Corp.'s Tenfold Rise Is a Good Reason to Catch Some Profits

The stock of the metal packaging manufacturer has bounced back handsomely since its 2008 nadir.

Jim Cramer: It's a Herd Market and These Stocks Aren't Done Going Up

Consumer packaged goods stocks are jumping because they can't be impacted by tariffs.

Wait on Taking an Equity Stake in Beyond Meat

The key to BYND's growth is fast food.

General Mills Has Broken Its Five Month Uptrend - More Selling Ahead

Let's check and see if this could be the start of a bigger decline.