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Screening for Deep-Value Stocks Turns Up a Pair of Possibilities

A producer of small appliances and a maker of fishing, camping and kayaking gear pop up as possible value plays.

3 Name-Brand Stocks That Traders Might Take a Stab at in This Rotten Market

Rather than try to catch falling knives, traders should give a look at Merck, IBM and Procter & Gamble.

Clorox Gains But Will the Shares Rally?

Let's check on the charts.

I Wouldn't Want to Be in Brunswick's Boat Right Now

Here's how to navigate as the shares have weakened from February into April.

These Consumer Dividend Stocks Are Nothing to Sneeze At

As the economy and market gets hit with curve balls, let's check three consumer stocks for high dividend yields.

Investors Are Too Complacent About the Ukraine War

I am particularly worried about the impacts to the global food chain.

Best Buy Continues to Be Marked Down in the Marketplace

The charts of the electronics and appliance retailer largely tell a bearish story.

With Costco Executing at a High Level, Here's a Trade Idea

The fact is that COST is the kind of retailer that does well when times are difficult.

Gauging If We're Seeing a Bear Market Bounce or Start of a V-Shaped Recovery

Let's check out the 21-day exponential moving averages of SPY and QQQ for clues and also look at three stocks for trading ideas.

2 Stocks That Are Potentially Cheap Investments

I'm looking at these names from both an asset and earnings perspective.