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Amex Faces Off Against U.S. Government in Antitrust Suit

American Express defends itself in an antitrust lawsuit brought on it by the U.S. Justice Department.

American Express Pops as Morgan Stanley Cheers Revenue Outlook

Shares of American Express jumped on Tuesday after Morgan Stanley reiterated its "overweight" rating, citing its expectation that revenue is poised to accelerate and several other factors.

Josh Brown: Don't Blame Pundits for Missing Crash Or Losing Cash

Viewers should listen to financial media pundits to gain the context to make better long term decisions about their financial goals, not to predict the future or make a quick buck.

Why 37% Feel Ashamed About Debt: Money Can Embarrass You

37% of consumers say they feel shame when asked about their credit card debt, and 30% saying they feel outright embarrassed when disclosing it.

MasterCard Says Russia Will Have Impact on Full-Year Sales

MasterCard, the world's second-largest credit card provider, said income rose 14% over the quarter, a result of customers increasingly relying on their cards to shop.

Mobile Payment Apps are Boosting Payment Processors like Visa

Burger King and Wendy's announced they will introduce mobile payment apps. RealMoney Pro's Chris Versace examines how growth in mobile payments is impacting Visa and MasterCard.

Federal Reserve Debit Card Swipe Fee Upheld, Retailers Disappointed

Retailers were handed a major blow by the Federal Reserve when the appeals court upheld a rule allowing banks to charge retailers as much as twenty-one cents to process debit-card transactions.

Don't Be a Victim of Online Theft, Protect Your Digital Assets

Anthony Fittizzi, managing director at U.S. Trust, says consumers should vigilantly monitor their account statements to protect themselves from online thieves.

Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report... For Real

No more teasing and false promises: Lauren Lyons Cole tells you how to get a legitimate, free reading of your credit's vital signs.

CEOs Downplay Health Care Mandate

Several CEOs at the ICR XChange conference downplayed the effect of new health care requirements, but Jan Kniffen thinks the costs will be higher than they will admit.