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Should You Refinance Your Auto Loan? If It Accelerates Your Savings

For consumers, refinancing usually calls to mind home mortgages, especially in this low interest environment. But should you refinance your auto loan?

How Is My Credit Score Calculated? A Look Inside Your Risk Profile

It's a conundrum wrapped in riddle twisted in an enigma. How is your credit score calculated?

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Warns Next Crisis Could Be Worse

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told shareholders in his annual letter than the next financial crisis could be more volatile than that of 2008-2009.

Financial Literacy Month: What Are the Fastest Ways to Boost My Credit Score?

A healthy credit score is a key part of financial success, but what are the fastest ways to boost your score?

Financial Literacy Month: Should I Get a Secured Credit Card?

There are tons of credit cards out there, but should you get a secured credit card?

Quick Tips From Our Experts to Survive Financial Literacy Month

Did you know that we can pocket an extra $200 a month by focusing on purchasing necessities instead of indulging our inner-consumer?

American Express Launches New Loyalty Program With Big Name Stores

American Express will launch a loyalty program with well known retailers.

Verie is Hoping to Make Identity Theft a Thing of The Past

One of the biggest risks with any online transaction, is the possibility that the person on the other end is not who they say they are.

Costco Earnings, Jobless Claims: What to Watch on Wall Street March 5

On Thursday, March 5th we get earnings from Costco, Kroger, Fresh Market and Joy Global. We're also looking out for jobless claims and factory orders.

Stephanie Link and Jim Cramer's 5 New Buys in Action Alerts PLUS

Stephanie Link says it was important to take some profits and losses into the year-end rally to raise some cash and look for fresh buys ahead of the earnings season.