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Are Credit Card Rewards Programs Dying Out?

30% of credit card users never redeem their card's rewards.

If You Want Better Credit, Ask for It

Overall, only 28% of cardholders end up asking for an extension of their credit limit.

These Are the Top 5 Lowest 30-Year Mortgage Rates

Potential homeowners in the U.S. take advantage of the continuation of low mortgage rates!

Are You Hiding Your Credit-Card Debt From Your Significant Other?

Roughly 17 million U.S. credit cardholders snoop on their partner's statements.

Your Advanced Degree Matters to Your Credit Score

Your creditworthiness is influenced by your college degree.

Will LendingRobot's New Product Put Hedge Fund Managers Out of Business?

LendingRobot has a new investment method it says can be an alternative to hedge funds and other fixed income products.

Is Amazon's Prime Visa the Real Deal?

Amazon just upped the cashback reward on it's Prime Visa to 5%.

Here's Why Holiday Shoppers Need to Avoid Store Credit Cards

Nearly half of retail-branded cards carry an APR of at least 25%, according to a survey conducted by CreditCards.com.

Jim Cramer: Brighter Days Are Ahead for American Express

A lot of people on Wall Street thought it would be difficult for American Express to survive without Costco, but Jim Cramer says it appears the company is thriving.

MasterCard Expands Masterpass and Promises to Change the Face of Mobile Payments

MasterCard is expanding its Masterpass digital payment system, partnering with numerous banks and retailers.