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Consumer Credit

Investors Are Playing a Game of Whac-A-Mole

Now there are two new items to put on the watch list, both of which have thrown the market for a loop this week.

Signs of a Downturn Continue to Grow

With credit criteria tightening and delinquency rates rising, the consumer is going to be increasingly hard pressed to drive the economy.

Give TransUnion Some Credit

Here's how to trade credit score company TRU.

It's Time to Cash in on Your Credit Cards

As the battle over high prices wages on, jobs are likely on the chopping block as consumers' savings dries up. Here's what that means for investors in major credit cards.

Credit to Crypto: How I'm Positioning After the Rise of Risk

The broad stock market indexes shot up around 7% last week, and now we head into several Fed talks. Here's why I'm in a buy-the-dip mood, my views on credit exchange-traded funds and more.

I'm Giving Credit Some ... Credit

Here's why as the 'ARKK' has trouble keeping afloat, I've got my eyes on these bond ETFs and other funds.

Is Big Tech Betting on a Bubble with Buy Now, Pay Later?

The spending spree on BNPL could be adding more risk later for investors.

Price Is Now Just a Number, but There's a Catch

The hitch is that fundamentals do matter, too. Confused? Let's examine what's happening in the market and why it's making me cautious.

Who Gets the Credit? Certainly Not the Credit ETFs

They didn't even pretend to rally -- now let's talk about some positives from Thursday's action.

GE's Still Got Street Cred as Goes on Debt Diet

Despite getting hit with allegations last week, General Electric still has name, history and size.