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7 Stocks With Tempting Multiples to Put on Your Watch List

This is not 'back up the truck' time, but I am seeing some interesting valuations.

Redbox Could Produce Red Ink for Portfolios If Short Squeeze Fever Abates

Shares of the DVD kiosk and streaming video company have spurted higher, but buyers are playing with fire.

Value Keeps Holding Up Better Than Growth, but That's Not Saying Much

And the shares of smaller companies such as Vera Bradley show that a stock that may look like a bargain sometimes isn't.

Lyft Looks Like It Will Continue Its Downhill Ride

The charts of the ride-sharing giant aren't sending positive signals.

Double Coupons as Kroger Tested the 200-Day Line

We have three price targets.

Can Costco Buck the Retail Train Wreck Trend? We're About to Find Out

There is risk associated with buying any retailer ahead of earnings at this point, but this guy dipped his toes in the warehouse club's shares anyway.

Consumer Confidence Is Shot

Until things start to improve for the average consumer, it is hard to see significant upward moves for either the markets or economic activity.

Target Misses the Earnings Mark and Throws Its Charts for a Loop

It will be interesting to see where traders might come in to cover shorts or to pick a bottom after the retailer's disappointing first-quarter results.

Overall Technical Action Improves, but a Disaster Is Hitting the Retail Sector

The macro environment is still full of land mines, and the disappointing results from big retailers definitely hint at the potential for a recession.

Inflation Is Killing the Consumer

It doesn't take much imagination to see how the average consumer is falling behind and losing substantial buying power.