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Perrigo Could Go on to Rally From Here

A few favorable signals are starting to emerge on the charts of the private-label maker of pharmaceutical and wellness products.

Constellation Brands Could Ride Market's Coattails

The maker of beer, wine and spirits could ignore its bearish clues and follow the broad market higher here on Monday.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Could Retest March Lows

The charts for the burrito restaurant are showing bearish signs for now and point to its stock slidding before any rally resumes.

A Pair Trade Is Shaping Up in the Fitness Realm

With people shut out of gyms and many now working out at home due to the coronavirus, the trade is to short Planet Fitness and go long Peloton.

Royal Caribbean's Choppy Waters May Continue Even After Covid-19 Wanes

It is unclear non only when cruises will resume, but also how eager passengers and crews will be to return to its ships once service starts back up.

Closed Doors Cause Restaurants to Take Dividends, Buybacks Off Menu

The impact of the coronavirus on the cash flow of companies in the restaurant sector is leading to capital-saving moves by several notable names.

Johnson & Johnson Weathers Storm but Needs to Build a New Base

The healthcare giant's charts still show some signs of weakness but also indicate it could rally and make a base from a higher level.

Nike Could Tread Higher as Broader Market Bottoms

The maker of athletic apparel appears to offer more upside opportunity than downside risk based on its charts.

Starbucks Learns to Adjust in China but Its Shares Still Need Attention

Investors may want to see fresh buying of the coffee giant's stock and more technical signals that a bottom is in and retested.

Butter Disappears While 'Bargain' Stocks Keep Slipping. Coincidence?

Dine Brands Global and Royal Caribbean looked cheap a few days ago yet fell a lot more on Thursday, which makes timing an entry challenging.