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This Company Has the Right Framework for a Solid Investment

Apogee Enterprises has tremendous un-reflected value.

The Rally in Home Depot Shares Is Taking a Brief Break

A pullback or correction on HD looks like it will be relatively brief and shallow.

When a Bus Hits the Equity Market, Learn How to Ride With It

Here are a couple examples of what traders can do to take advantage of those days when stocks take a shellacking.

Opportunity Keeps Knocking as Markets Ignore Covid-19 and Social Unrest

Some stocks have rebounded far more than expected while others appear to be getting back into gear.

Is CAT Finally Getting out of the Dog House?

Caterpillar's charts have improved enough to ask the question.

Homebuilder Lennar's Positive Charts Get a Lift From the Quants

A shallow dip is likely to be a buying opportunity.

Jim Cramer: Don't Bet on Changed Behaviors Being a Short-Lived Thing

Adjustments people and companies have made due to the pandemic are likely to outlast the virus in some measure, and those firms that don't adapt face trouble.

2 Buys in Real Estate for the New Normal

Zillow Group and Lennar could benefit from an outmigration from cities as more employers allow employees to work from home post-pandemic.

Home Depot Has Made a Steep Recovery: What Investors Should Do Now

HD is one of a handful of companies have figured out this new economy.

This Year's Tax-Loss-Selling Recovery Portfolio Is a Real Loser So Far

This experiment in trying to identify stocks that could come back after dismal year-ago performance isn't going well five months since its inception.